best saving account in uae

best savings account in uae


UAE is home to a variety of banks that provide savings accounts that offer competitive rates and an easy paperwork. Although this offers us many options however, it can be unclear which accounts will produce better fruits in the near future.

To assist you in this confusion, here are a few top savings accounts in UAE to take into consideration.


Account Name

Minimum Balance in Account

Profit Rate

Emirates NBD Standard Savings Account

AED 3000


ADIB Smart Banking Account


On every dirham in account

United Arab Bank Savings Account

AED 3000

National Bank of Fujairah Max Saver Account



RAKBank Savings Account



CBI Saver Account

AED 3000


Standard Chartered XtraSaver Account



Emirates Islamic e-Savings Account



Mashreq Basic Savings Account

AED 3000


FAB Personal Savings Account

AED 3000



1. Emirates NBD Standard Savings Account

Emirates NBD Standard Savings account is a high-yielding account. It’s only available in UAE currency and greatly benefits the account. The Emirates NBD savings account is one of the top savings accounts in the UAE.

Benefits and features

Can avail of online banking facility

  • The facility for banking via phone is offered
  • International debit cards are free and offered
  • Pay bills easily
  • Rate of interest: 0.20% p.a.
  • Remittances for free local and international
  • Charges for Standard Savings account
  • Minimum balance required to maintain Minimum balance to maintain: AED 3000
  • Annual cost: AED 0
  • Account opening: AED

2.Mashreq Basic Savings Account

Mashreq Bank provides Basic Savings Accounts with high-quality returns and profits.


Benefits and features

  • Earn 0.15 percent of the profit on the balance in the account.
  • Earn money every six months
  • Online account opening is possible instantaneously.
  • Get a free Mashreq debit card.
  • Six transactions for free per month
  • The account can be accessed in USD or AED.
  • Both UAE residents, as well as non-residents may apply.
  • Fees of Mashreq Basic Savings Account
  • Minimum average balance: AED 3000
  • The fee that is lowered for non-maintenance of the total customer relationship balance is AED 25
  • Initial deposit: AED 3000
  • Free For Life Cashback Credit Card With AED 500 Joining Bonus

3.ADIB Smart Banking Account

ADIB provides a broad range of accounts. The ADIB Smart banking account is one of the top accounts in the list of accounts. It’s a zero-balance account in the UAE with many benefits to account holders. A UAE resident over 18 is eligible to open this account.


Features and Benefits

  • You can earn a profit on the balance in your account
  • Reward yourself for salary transfers
  • Enjoy discounts on dining and other lifestyle items.
  • Pay cash with no card.
  • You can avail of domestic and international money transfers at no cost
  • The debit card is free and available for use.
  • Zero balance account
  • Even homemakers and students are admissible
  • Fees for ADIB Smart Banking account
  • Annual charges: AED 0
  • AED 0 Minimum Balance: AED 0
  • Compare: Zero Balance Accounts in UAE

4.United Arab Bank Savings Account

UAB savings account is a great option for saving money. It offers competitive interest rates linked to the amount of money within the account. The account encourages savings to earn a higher rate of return. There are many more attractive features included in this account.


Benefits and features

Interest earned on the balance in the account

  • Free Debit Card.
  • No Maintenance Charge.
  • Charges applicable to Savings Accounts
  • Minimum balance required to maintain AED 3000
  • The minimum amount needed to open the account is AED 3000
  • Monthly cost: AED 0



5.National Bank of Fujairah Max Saver Account

The NBF max saver account was designed to bring the maximum value to customers through their savings. NBF offers higher returns on the money you put into their accounts.


Benefits and features

You can avail it the services in USD and AED currencies.

Rate of interest: up to 1 %

The interest is calculated monthly, but it is calculated daily.

Each month, you can take one withdrawal month without affecting the interest.

One customer is allowed to have two accounts for saving at NBF.

Charges for NBF MAX Saver accounts.


Minimum balance needed to keep: AED 0

Monthly cost: AED 0

6. RAKBank Savings account

RAKBANK provides different savings accounts. RAKBANK Savings account is a zero balance account with a variety of advantages and low costs.


Features and Benefits

  • Rate of interest: Up to 0.25 percent
  • A debit card with no cost is available.
  • Zero balance account
  • One Cash withdrawal or up to 5 bill payments can be made monthly.
  • Pay utility bills for absolutely free with no additional costs
  • Charges on RAKBank Fast Saver Account
  • Monthly charges: AED 0
  • Annual charges: AED 0

7. CBI Saver Account

CBI’s CBI saver account offers easy access to your cash and the possibility of withdrawing your money as often as you’d like. CBI adds interest to your account monthly based on your daily balance and activities. Account holders have access to their accounts from any location.


Benefits and features :


  • For kids and joint account holders.
  • Free international debit card.
  • It is possible to open a new account with AED.
  • Interest will be paid monthly.
  • There is no limit on the number of withdrawals
  • Rate of interest up to 2.10 percent
  • Charges applicable to CBI Saver Account
  • Min balance required to maintain: AED 3K
  • Monthly cost: AED 0
  • Account opening fees: AED 0
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8. Standard Chartered XtraSaver Account

Standard Chartered XtraSaver Account provides your account with the highest interest rate and easy accessibility.


Features and Benefits

  • Earn up to 0.6 percent (p.a) as a profit
  • You can access mobile and online banking services
  • You can access the account using AED as well as USD
  • You can get a free Debit Card
  • Both UAE residents, as well as non-residents are admissible
  • Charges of XtraSaver Account
  • Minimum average balance: AED 0
  • Initial Deposit: AED 3000

9.Emirates Islamic e-Savings Account

Emirates Islamic Bank provides e-Savings accounts, which can be accessed online, with high profits and benefits.


Features and Benefits

  • Earn up to 1% of the profit on the balance kept in the account.
  • Get profits every quarterly
  • There are no limitations on monthly transactions
  • There is no minimum balance requirement for the account
  • The account can be accessed in USD and AED.
  • Costs and Charges associated with E-Savings accounts
  • Minimum average balance: AED 0
  • In the event of a non-maintenance fee falling below the fee of the balance in the customer relationship AED 25

10. FAB Personal Savings Account

FAB offers a Personal Savings Account that can be opened online, with great benefits and high-profit rates.


Benefits and features

  • Profit from the balance in the account.
  • You can use the airport lounges.
  • Free FAB Mastercard Debit Card
  • The account can be accessed in AED as well as other currencies.
  • Both UAE residents and non-residents can apply. Both residents and non-residents of the UAE are eligible to
  • Charges of FAB Personal Savings Account 
  • Minimum average balance: AED 3000

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