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One of the most popular tourist attractions for wildlife within Abu Dhabi, Emirates Park Zoo, is situated inside the Al Bahia area off the highway leading to Dubai. The Abu Dhabi zoo has 13 different areas dedicated to different species of animals. Its Wildlife Walk brings you face-to-face with magnificent Asian elephants and massive cats. In snake Alley, anacondas and their other slithering friends reside. Brown bears are content camper but usually sleep inside the Bear Cave. Bear Cave.

Emirates Park Zoo is particularly loved due to its unique experiences. Breakfast is served with parrots, and watch the sea lions in The Animal Theatre and feed the giraffes if they would like! Other attractions at the zoo are The Camel Farm, Crocodile Pool, Hippo House, Birds of Prey, Primate Paradise, Mammal Cave, Equine Enclosure Giraffe Park, Bird Park, Reptile House, and Flamingo Park. There’s a petting enclosure, too.

* Tickets: AED 30 per person
* Timings: 09:00 am to 09:00 pm


The largest and possibly the oldest animal park in the UAE, Al Ain Zoo, was created by H.H. Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan himself. The zoo has been around for more than 50 years. The zoo has been home to several of the most endangered and endangered species of animals within the region, like the Dama gazelles and Arabian Sand Cats. The zoo also provides refuge for hundreds of migrating birds who call the zoo their home for their stay.
A trip to the Al Ain Zoo is your opportunity to see the Western lowland gorilla, African fox, white lion, tiger, and other rare animal species. It is also possible to watch adorable parrots that steal the show, learn how the crocodiles get their food and take a horse ride through the region, meet the endangered rhino family, or visit the zoo by bicycle. Al Ain Zoo also offers customized tours of the zoo for guests.
The zoo was created by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who died in 1968. The zoo is among the largest and most diverse tourist destinations on both local and global scales. It is the biggest zoo of its kind in the Middle East. For more than 50 years, the zoo has been able to continue to communicate the visionary vision of the late Sheikh Zayed, who demonstrated his passion for conserving the wildlife of the United Arab Emirates by preserving the environment and maintaining its resources in line with the highest standards in the world.


* Tickets for Adults: AED 30, AED 10 for children
* Timings: Thursday to Saturday, 09:00 am to 09:00 pm | Ramadan Timings 2:00 pm to 08:00 pm


The zoo located in Dubai is known as”the” Dubai Safari Park. Here’s what you should be aware of.
The Dubai Zoo in Jumeirah closed in 2018; its animals were given new homes in the brand-new Dubai Safari Park. The park is now accessible to visitors; this brand-new animal zoo in UAE has been divided into four villages of wildlife. Its Arabian Village houses species native to the Gulf region, such as the Arabian oryx. The African Village can be where you’ll see elephants and lions, giraffes, and elephants. The Asian Village is where the gibbons, tigers, and moon bears reside.
The most notable aspect of the Dubai Zoo park within the UAE can be the safari aspect which lets you enjoy an open safari in the style of Africa inside The Explorer Village. Dubai Safari Park also has a Kid’s Farm, a Grand Aviary, and a variety of adventures and encounters with animals available.

Tickets are: AED 50 for adults, AED 50 for adults, AED 20 for children
* Timings: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm | Ramadan Timings: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm (Day Pass), 06:00 pm to 12:00 am (Night Pass


Tickets are: AED 50 for adults, AED 50 for adults, AED 20 for children
* Timings: 09:00 am to 05:00 pm | Ramadan Timings: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm (Day Pass), 06:00 pm to 12:00 am (Night Pass)


The Pygmy Zoo in Ajman is the most recent one to join the list of Zoos in the UAE.
Akin to an animal farm More like an animal farm, the UAE Pygmy Zoo has the appearance of an exceptional wildlife park within the UAE. The facility is currently under construction. This unique zoo, situated in Ajman, UAE, is home to a variety of reptile, bird, and mammal varieties. Though it’s tiny, it is a great place to visit. UAE Pygmy Zoo offers the cutest collection of small animals in its petting farms. Children can play with the pygmy goats and play with adorable animals and even ride the camel and the pony.
Enjoy the vibrant birds sporting their stunning plumage. Take pictures with the macaws that live in the zoo and feed the rabbits or watch the turtles lying around. From emus and ostriches to deer and llamas, there’s a wide range of animals to observe and be taught about at the UAE Pygmy Zoo.


Tickets are AED 25 (adults) • AED 15 (kids). Discounts available
* Timings between 03:00 and 10:00 pm. Weekends: from 01:00 pm to 10:00 am. Sundays are closed


Residents from Umm Al Quwain, the recently inaugurated “Zoo Wildlife Park,” is their closest zoo within the UAE.
A Zoo Wildlife Park is located in the Kabir area, along the E55 highway. The zoo located in the UAE boasts an impressive array of big cats, such as lions, leopards, tigers, and lynxes, as well as cheetahs, leopards, and black panthers. There are domestic cats of smaller sizes too, and kids can have fun with them. Zoo’s resident brown bear is very well-known and often sits in his pen, taking in the admiration of his fellow visitors.
Begin to make friends with Abooba, The friendly orangutan. Ababa is a cheeky animal that loves fun and great company. Bunnies are a favorite attraction for children because they’re fun and always eager to eat. Kids can play with them the animals and even feed them. The zoo also has other animals, including hyenas and vultures, Arabian oryx, and the black bear, among others.


* Tickets for AED 25 per person, Free for toddlers
* Timings: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm


RAK Zoo is the final item on this list of Zoos within the UAE. The zoo is situated on Ras Al Khaimah International Airport Street in the Al Digdaga area. This attraction is open daily for families looking for excellent animal attractions within the Emirate. RAK Zoo houses many animal species, such as panthers, lions, tortoises, crocodiles, horses, ostriches, and peacocks.
Playful chimpanzees have gained been deemed celebrities. They are housed in an air-conditioned enclosure that allows visitors to visit, play with them, and even share a meal with them! There’s also an equestrian center and a theater in the UAE Zoo where visitors can take part in horse riding and other outdoor activities and events


* Tickets for each person: AED 40 * Free for toddlers
* Timings: 09:00 am to 10:00 pm

7. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are among the fascinating tourist attractions in Dubai. It is situated in The Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world, and offers a unique trip into the ocean. Its capacity is 10 million cubic liters of water; Dubai Aquarium is one of the biggest outdoor aquariums worldwide. It is a beacon of light for the wonders beneath the sea floor and displays one of the most varied collections of marine life. It is situated just above the Aquarium; Underwater Zoo brings visitors close to penguins, crabs, piranhas, rats and jellyfish, sea horses, and many more. The most intriguing new addition to Underwater Zoo is King Croc is regarded as a rare natural phenomenon and also one of the largest reptiles at more than 5 meters in length and weighing over 750 pounds. Underwater Zoo regularly hosts innovative exhibits. The exhibit “UAE’s Night Creatures’ presents the evening experience in the desert as animals of darkness.

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8. The Lost Chambers Aquarium

The biggest Aquarium is located in the Middle East as well as Africa! For thousands of years, it was lost in the ocean’s depths. The ancient remains of the lost city of Atlantis have been discovered. You can live your personal Atlantean experience in The Lost Chambers Aquarium, home to over 65,000 amazing marine creatures. Go underwater to explore the mazes, tunnels, and underwater caves of the lost civilization, experiencing sharks, eels, seahorses, and Piranhas. There are more than 20 stunning marine life exhibits, including touch tanks and the Interactive Aquatheatre show.
 Timings: 10:00 am – 9:00 pm

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9. The Green Planet

Green Planet Green Planet is the region’s first bio-dome, which recreates the magical world of the tropical forest, with its abundant variety of more than 3,000 species of animals and plants. The protected ecosystem, situated in CITY WALK, provides visitors with an experience that takes them to the tropical jungle. The exclusive venue offers four levels of interaction with interesting species of animals and plants to observe, from Sloths, Tree porcupines, and Tucans to South American plants, vines, reptiles, fish, and insects. It is a great place for families and visitors of all ages.

Tickets for admission
from $40.00

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10. Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium brings you one of the most interesting and exclusive indoor experiences in the UAE. It’s the Only Dolphin & Seal Show, Creek Park Exotic Bird Show, and Swim With Dolphins! Enjoy all the excitement, all under one roof, thanks to our air-conditioned indoor facilities exclusive to Dubai Dolphinarium!

 Timings: 10:00 am – 7:30 pm


11. Sharjah Aquarium

Sharjah Museums Authority gives you an array of museums that focus on areas such as Islamic art and archaeology, culture, heritage sciences, marine life, and the amazing deeply-rooted culture of Sharjah and the entire region. We recommend three packages. Three packages offer a broad selection of options that will satisfy your individual preferences.

Sharjah Aquarium

12. Museum of the Future

One of the city’s well-known landmarks, The Museum of the Future (MOTF), is proud of its location along the city’s main highway, Sheikh Zayed Road. It was established through the Dubai Future Foundation and launched on the 22nd of February, 2022. MOTF explores how society will evolve in the next decade by utilizing technologies and science.

It’s referred to as a “living museum,’ it combines elements from traditional exhibitions with immersive theatre and themed attractions so that visitors can look beyond the present and into the endless possibilities of the future. It is advancing a global intellectual movement. It’s also the home for the city’s “Great Arab Minds’ project, which seeks to discover 1,000 outstanding Arab talent across various fields.

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Museum of the Future

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