Cancelling DEWA Services and Retrieving Your Deposit

Dewa Account Closure Dubai

In the dynamic city of Dubai, where the sun scorches the sands and the skyline sparkles with endless energy, the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) stands as a vital pillar, ensuring the flow of electricity and water to the city’s bustling residences and towering skyscrapers. There comes a time, however, when residents or property owners may need to bid farewell to their homes or switch gears in their utility provisions. This guide illuminates the path to cancelling DEWA services smoothly and retrieving your security deposit without a hitch.

The Why Behind Cancelling DEWA Services

The reasons for discontinuing DEWA services can vary as widely as the city’s diverse population. You might be moving out of your Dubai residence, transferring property ownership, or perhaps switching to another utility provider in cases where it’s applicable. Whatever the reason, understanding the process ensures a seamless transition, leaving no room for last-minute surprises.

Before You Embark

Preparation is key to any successful venture, and cancelling your DEWA services is no exception. Begin by gathering the necessary documents, which include your DEWA account number, Emirates ID, and proof of moving out, such as a tenancy cancellation document. Equally important is settling any outstanding DEWA bills to ensure a smooth disconnection process.

DEWA Service Cancellation Online:

To cancel your DEWA services via their website, follow these steps for a smooth process:

  1. Access and Authentication: Begin by logging into the DEWA website. You can do this by using your UAE Pass or your DEWA User ID, providing secure access to your account.
  2. Navigate to Services: Once logged in, head to the “Consumer Services” section. Here, you’ll find the option for “Deactivation of Electricity/Water (Move-out).” This is where you can initiate the cancellation of your services.
  3. Provide Account Information: You’ll be prompted to enter specific details about your account. Ensure you have your account number handy for this step.
  4. Refund Preferences: During the process, you’ll also choose how you’d like to receive your security deposit refund. Options typically include bank transfer, Western Union, or cheque.
  5. Set a Disconnection Date: Decide on the date you want your services to be disconnected. This should align with your moving schedule.
  6. Submit Your Request: After filling in all necessary information, submit your application to DEWA for processing.
DEWA Service Cancellation Online:
DEWA Service Cancellation Online:

Cancelling DEWA Services Through Customer Care:

For those who prefer a more personal touch or need additional assistance, DEWA’s customer care is at your service:

  1. Reach Out: Contact DEWA’s customer care via their hotline or by visiting one of their customer service centers. Both options provide you access to a representative who can guide you through the cancellation process.
  2. Express Your Intent: Inform the DEWA representative of your decision to cancel your services. You’ll need to provide them with your account details and any other necessary information they may require.
  3. Choose a Refund Method: Like the online process, you’ll select how you wish to receive your security deposit refund. The representative can help explain each option if you have questions.
  4. Schedule Disconnection: You’ll also need to inform DEWA of the desired disconnection date for your utilities. Choose a date that best fits your moving or handover plans.
  5. Finalize Your Request: Once all details are provided and the process is explained, the DEWA representative will help finalize your cancellation request.

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    The Final Countdown: Disconnection and Meter Reading

    On the day marked for disconnection, a DEWA representative will make their way to your premises. They’ll conduct the final meter reading for electricity and water, marking the end of your DEWA service era.

    Reclaiming Your Security Deposit

    DEWA offers several options for refunding your security deposit, ensuring convenience and flexibility. Whether you prefer a direct bank transfer (IBAN), Western Union, cheque, or transferring the deposit to another active DEWA account, the choice is yours during the cancellation process.

    Reclaiming Your Security Deposit from Dewa
    Reclaiming Your Security Deposit from Dewa

    The Waiting Game: Timeline for Refund

    Patience is a virtue, especially when waiting for your security deposit refund. Typically, the process can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks following disconnection and final bill settlement, so plan accordingly.

    A Smooth Transition

    Cancelling your DEWA services and retrieving your security deposit is a straightforward process when you follow the proper steps. This guide not only walks you through each phase but also underscores the importance of preparing in advance and settling any outstanding bills. With everything in order, you’re set to embark on your next adventure in Dubai or beyond, leaving no loose ends in your wake.

    By adhering to these guidelines and taking proactive steps, you ensure that the transition away from your current residence is as seamless and hassle-free as possible, allowing you to focus on what lies ahead.

    FAQs on Cancelling DEWA Services and Retrieving Your Deposit in Dubai

    How can I cancel DEWA services in Dubai and get my deposit back? To cancel DEWA services and retrieve your deposit, you can either use the online platform by logging into the DEWA website and navigating to “Consumer Services” to initiate “Deactivation of Electricity/Water (Move-out),” or contact DEWA’s customer care center. During the process, you’ll have the option to specify your preferred refund method for the security deposit.

    What documents do I need to cancel DEWA in Dubai? You will need your DEWA account number, your Emirates ID, and proof of moving out, such as a tenancy cancellation document. Make sure any outstanding DEWA bills are also settled.

    Can I cancel DEWA online in Dubai? Yes, you can cancel your DEWA services online through the DEWA website by logging in with your UAE Pass or DEWA User ID, selecting the deactivation service under “Consumer Services,” and following the prompts.

    How long does it take to get a refund from DEWA in Dubai? The processing time for a DEWA security deposit refund usually takes about 2 to 4 weeks after the disconnection has been processed and the final bill settled.

    What should I do if my DEWA deposit is not refunded? If your DEWA deposit is not refunded within the expected timeframe, you should contact DEWA’s customer service directly. Provide them with your cancellation reference number and details of the cancellation to follow up on the status of your refund.

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