10-Steps to Check Mulkiya Expiry Date in UAE-Dubai

  1. Obtain a valid insurance policy for your vehicle.
  2. Visit the nearest Vehicle Testing and Registration Center (VTRC) with the required documents.
  3. Obtain an application form for the renewal of mulkiya.
  4. Fill out the form completely and attach the necessary documents such as the current mulkiya, passport copy, and Emirates ID copy.
  5. Submit the completed form and documents to the VTRC.
  6. Pay the mulkiya renewal fee, including a technical inspection fee, registration fee, and other service charges.
  7. Wait for the inspection of your vehicle by the VTRC.
  8. Once your vehicle passes the inspection, the renewed mulkiya will be issued.
  9. Collect the renewed mulkiya and the registration card from the VTRC.
  10. Attach the new mulkiya to your vehicle and ensure the registration sticker is placed on the windshield.

Steps to Check Vehicle Expiry Date in UAE-Dubai

It is crucial to check the expiration date of your vehicle as it can help you avoid unnecessary penalties and save you money. Renewing your Mulkiya (Vehicle Ownership Card) before it expires is essential, and you should complete the renewal process on time. Thankfully, the UAE’s Road Transport Authority (RTA) has made the renewal process fast and effortless. They have introduced several online methods to check your Mulkiya’s status. This article will guide you on how to use your Mulkiya card to check your vehicle’s expiration date.

Mulkiya Expiry Check

  • Various government sources are available to check your vehicle’s Mulkiya expiry, enabling you to stay informed about the expiry date. Once you have checked with the RTA for your vehicle’s expiry date, you can easily schedule a renewal service through their official website or App. The UAE offers a range of renewal services to make the process as smooth as possible for its citizens.

The Road Transport Authority (RTA) in the UAE offers a comprehensive range of road transport services via its website and mobile application, which are accessible to residents of Dubai. Through these digital platforms, you can conveniently check the status of your Mulkiya. Select the “Check Vehicle Expiry” option on the screen and input your vehicle’s license number. Once you obtain the status of your Mulkiya, you can proceed with the renewal process by providing your vehicle details under the “Vehicle Renewal” tab. This tab lets you enter a category, registration date, plate number, and other relevant details. If you face any issues during the process, the RTA call center at 8009090 is available to assist.

Tamm is a digital platform that caters to transport-related entities in Abu Dhabi by providing them access to government services. Whether checking the vehicle expiry date or availing of any other Abu Dhabi government service, TAMM has covered you. Checking the Mulkiya status on TAMM is quite similar to the RTA web portal service. You need to log in to your account and follow the steps to check your vehicle’s expiry date. And when it’s time to renew your Mulkiya, you can conveniently do it on the TAMM e-service.

  • Ministry of Interior

To renew the mulkiya registration for all emirates in the UAE, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) web portal provides e-services. To use these services, you need to create an account and select the vehicle-renewal option available under e-services.

Emirates Vehicle Gate

Emirates Vehicle Gate is an e-service platform that offers a range of services for drivers and vehicle owners from various countries, including Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. To access the portal’s services, users must first create an account. Once you log in to the portal, you can select the option to issue a new registration card, which allows you to check the Mulkiya status of your vehicle. If you find that your vehicle’s registration is about to expire, you can apply for renewal on the same platform. However, to renew the Mulkiya, you must first clear all pending penalties and have your vehicle undergo a thorough inspection, and obtain valid car insurance.

How to check Mulkiya expiry date online?

Here are some ways to check the expiry date of your Mulkiya online: • Dubai – You can check the Mulkiya expiry date by accessing the RTA portal. Select the ‘check vehicle expiry’ option and enter the license plate number. • Abu Dhabi – To check the expiry date, visit the Abu Dhabi Police portal, register with your Emirates ID, and access the ‘registered vehicle inquiry’ option. • Other Emirates – For checking the Mulkiya expiry date in other emirates, you can log in to the Ministry of Interior website and access the ‘issuance of vehicle registration’ option to find the expiry date online.

Requirements for Renewal of Mulkiya

Once you have checked the vehicle expiry date and decided to renew your Mulkiya, you must ensure that your vehicle has passed the inspection and has active car insurance. Vehicle inspection facilities are available across the UAE, and the inspection time may vary depending on the vehicle’s condition. You can visit one of the UAE testing centers listed below to get your vehicle inspected: • Tasjeel Centre • ADNOC Distribution • Wasel • Mumayaz • Shamil • Tamam. During Mulkiya renewal, it is essential to have valid car insurance. You can purchase or renew car insurance through the online portals provided by various insurance companies in the UAE. These companies offer a range of services to car owners. And get access to the services. The following are a few of the car insurance companies in the UAE. 

  • Noor Takaful Insurance
  • Axa Car insurance
  • Al Fujairah National Insurance Company
  • AIG Car Insurance
  • Al Wathba National Insurance Company – Abu Dhabi

To avoid any issues with the renewal of your Mulkiya card, it is important to clear all pending penalties on your vehicle. When calculating the Mulkiya renewal fee, any outstanding penalties are added to the total cost. Therefore, paying off any traffic fines is crucial to avoid additional expenses.

Remember to regularly check your vehicle’s expiry date to avoid penalties and ensure the timely renewal of your Mulkiya card. The renewal charges vary depending on the type of vehicle. However, the renewal process is straightforward, and you can obtain a temporary Mulkiya card while waiting for the original one.

Several government entities offer services to check the status of your MulkiyaUAE card and facilitate its renewal through their website and apps. These include:

• Road and Transport Authority (RTA) • TAMM • UAE Ministry of Interior (MOI) • Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)


The official RTA website and App for Vehicle Services in Dubai The RTA website and Dubai Drive mobile app are your go-to platforms for any services related to vehicles in Dubai. You can easily check your Mulkiya status by selecting “Check Vehicle Expiry” and entering your license plate number. Moreover, you can renew your Mulkiya by providing vehicle details such as plate number, category, and registration date under the ‘Vehicle Renewal tab.’ The RTA website or their Dubai Drive mobile app are the channels for processing Mulkiya renewal. If you encounter any issues, contact their call center at 8009090.

TAMM for Abu Dhabi Government Services TAMM offers a range of services related to the Abu Dhabi government. The process is similar to the RTA website and App, but you will have to log in to your account before checking or renewing your Mulkiya.

UAE MINISTRY OF INTERIOR (MOI) for Vehicle Registration Renewal The MOI portal offers services for all Emirates, including vehicle registration renewal. To utilize their services, you must create your account and select ‘Vehicle Renewal’ under ‘e-Services.’

EMIRATES VEHICLE GATE (EVG) for Broader Scope Services EVG provides services in various countries such as Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. If you want to start with the renewal of the registration card, you need to create a new account and select ‘Issuance of a New Registration Card.’ From there, you can check your current Mulkiya status and apply for renewal.

Requirements for Mulkiya Renewal To renew your Mulkiya, you must meet certain requirements, such as a car inspection, car insurance, and clearance of any pending fines.


Various car inspection facilities are available across the Emirates, with some private facilities registered with the authorities. To get your vehicle tested, you must visit the inspection center located in the same Emirate where it is registered. The following are some notable testing centers that you can consider:

Typically, a light vehicle inspection takes around 15 minutes, although it may take up to 40 minutes if the facility is crowded.

CONTACT DETAILS: If you have any queries regarding vehicle inspection, you can reach out to the following centers: • Tasjeel | Call at 800 3662 • ADNOC Distribution | Call at 800 300 • Shamil | Call at +971 4 343 444 • Wasel | Call at +971 4 324 5524 • Tamam | Call at +971 4 706 9901 • Mumayaz | Call at +971 4 325 5510


You can easily book car insurance online from any insurance company in the UAE. Different companies offer different packages, including AXA Car Insurance, AIG Car Insurance, Noor Takaful Ethical Insurance, Al Fujairah National Insurance Company, and Souqalmal. When renewing your Mulkiya, ensure that your insurance is valid for the next 13 months.

CONTACT DETAILS: For more information on car insurance, you can contact the following companies: • AXA Car Insurance • AIG Car Insurance • Noor Takaful Ethical Insurance • Al Fujairah National Insurance Company • Souqalmal


When renewing your Mulkiya, remember to clear any pending traffic fines, as they will be added to the total sum.


After ensuring that everything is in order, the Mulkiya renewal process is relatively simple. Once completed, you can print your temporary Mulkiya card until the original is delivered. The cost of renewing Mulkiya varies for different vehicle types. Light vehicles typically cost around AED 350 to renew.



To check the Mulkiya expiry date online, you can visit the following official portals:

• Dubai: Visit the RTA portal and select “Check Vehicle Expiry,” then enter the vehicle license plate number. • Abu Dhabi: Register with Emirates ID on the Abu Dhabi Police portal and access “Registered Vehicle Inquiry.” • Other Emirates: Log in to the Ministry of Interior portal and access “Issuance of Vehicle Registration.”



To renew your Mulkiya online, make sure you have a valid vehicle inspection certificate and vehicle insurance. You can access the RTA, MOI, or TAMM website to clear any pending fines. After confirming everything is in order, pay the necessary fees and apply for Mulkiya renewal. Renewing your Mulkiya online is a convenient option for owners of multiple vehicles who want to avoid the hassle of visiting a testing center. If your vehicle is no longer fit for the road, consider browsing the used cars for sale in the UAE for affordable options. Stay updated with the latest automotive trends and technologies by following leading auto blogs in the UAE.


Tasjeel800 366207:00 am – 09:30 pm (Friday:closed)
ADNOC Distribution800 30024 hours
Shamil+971 4 343 44407:00 am – 09:30 pm (Friday:closed)
Wasel+971 4 324 552407:00 am – 11:00 pm (Friday:closed)
Tamam+971 4 706 990107:00 am – 09:30 pm (Friday:closed)
Mumayaz+971 4 325 551007:00 am – 09:30 pm (Friday:closed)


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