DU Network Packages, Services, and Codes

Confused by the sea of DU mobile plans in the UAE? Don’t worry, this comprehensive guide will navigate you to the perfect fit, whether you’re a resident seeking a reliable monthly plan or a tourist needing a temporary data boost. We’ll explore both prepaid and postpaid options, decode data allowances and calling minutes, and help you find the most budget-friendly plan for your needs. Stay connected and explore the UAE seamlessly with DU!

Explore DU Network Packages Services and Codes

Tailored for You: Residents vs. Tourists

DU Prepaid Packages

Prepaid Packages (Pay As You Go):

  • Ideal for tourists or those who prefer to control their spending.
  • Top-up your account with credit and choose add-on data bundles, calling minutes, or SMS packages as needed.
  • Examples include “Easy” plans with preloaded credit and bonus data for app usage, or daily/weekly
  • data bundles for browsing.

DU Postpaid Packages:

  • Fixed monthly fee with included data allowance, calling minutes, and SMS.
  • Suitable for residents with predictable usage patterns.
  • DU offers a range of postpaid plans with varying data allowances, call minutes, and features. Popular options include “Power Plans” with unlimited national data and international calling minutes, or “Data Plans” with generous data bundles for internet users.

DU Codes

USSD codes for DU Packages

ServiceUSSD Code
Balance Check*135# or *121#
SIM Number Check*135# or *222#
SIM Number*135# or *1#
Check Own Number*135# or *1#
Credit Recharge135#
Daily Data Package*135#
Data Balance Check*135# or *121#
Data Package Activation*135# or *121#
Loan Request*108#
Packages*135# or *121#
SIM Data Balance Check*135# or *121#
SIM Loan Request*108#
2 Fils Per Minute*135# or *121#
52 GB Free DataText “DATA” to 135
7 Fils Offer*135#
Advance Balance*121#
Card Recharge135#
Conference Call Activation*43#
Data Balance Check*135# or *121#
Data Offers Check*135# or *121#
Monthly Data PackageText “DATA” to 135
Promo CodeVaries
SIM ActivationVaries
SMS Balance Check*135# or *121#
Promotions & packages offered by Du Codes

Please note that some codes might vary depending on the specific promotions or packages offered by Du. Always check with Du’s official website or customer service for the most up-to-date information.

How to Check DU Number and SIM Number

  1. Via USSD Code: Dial *135# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen instructions to view your DU number.
  2. Via DU App: Log in to the DU app. Your mobile number will be displayed on the home screen or under your profile details.

How to Check DU Postpaid and Prepaid Balance

  • Postpaid Balance:
    1. USSD Code: Dial *135# and follow the prompts to check your outstanding balance.
    2. DU App: Access your account on the DU app to view your current bill and outstanding balance.
  • Prepaid Balance (including SIM Balance):
    1. USSD Code: Dial *135# and follow the instructions to check your available balance.
    2. DU App: Log in to your account on the DU app where your current prepaid balance will be displayed.

Check DU Plan and Usage

  1. DU App: The most comprehensive method is through the DU app, where you can view your current plan, data usage, call minutes, and any add-on services.
  2. Online Account: Log into your account on the DU website for a detailed overview of your plan and usage statistics.

How to Check DU Data Balance

  1. USSD Code for Data Balance: Dial 1353# to directly check your data balance and remaining data.
  2. Via DU App: Access the data usage section in the DU app for a detailed view of your data balance and consumption pattern.

How to Check DU Offers

  1. USSD Code for Offers: Dial *135# and navigate through the options to discover current offers tailored to your account.
  2. DU App: The app frequently updates with exclusive offers, promotions, and packages available for your account.

By following these step-by-step instructions, you can easily manage your DU account and stay updated with your Dubai-related obligations. Always ensure you’re using the latest version of the DU app or visiting the official websites for the most accurate information.

Choosing the Right DU SIM Package

Navigating DU’s assortment of prepaid and postpaid plans can be simplified with a few considerations:

  • Assess Your Needs: Start by evaluating your monthly data consumption and calling habits. Do you need roaming services? How often do you call internationally?
  • Data Allowances: Opt for a plan that mirrors your data usage, safeguarding against potential overage charges.
  • Call Rates Comparison: Pay attention to calling rates, particularly if international calls are a staple for you. Plans with inclusive minutes or discounted rates can offer significant savings.
  • Read the Fine Print: Familiarize yourself with the terms of your chosen plan, including validity, data rollover, and any concealed fees.

Subscribing to a DU SIM Package

Getting connected with a DU SIM is straightforward:

  • In-Store: Visit any DU retail outlet where the staff can assist with selecting and activating the right plan for you.
  • Online: The DU website and app offer a convenient digital route to explore available plans. Activation is seamless, requiring just a valid Emirates ID for verification.

DU Rates for Calls, Data, and Other Services

DU’s competitive rates for calls, data, and other services are designed to cater to a wide range of preferences and budgets. Since rates vary by plan, the most accurate and current details can always be found on the DU website or through the DU app.

Managing Your DU Account

With your DU SIM in hand, managing your account couldn’t be easier:

  • Online Management: Log into your account on the DU website for comprehensive access to your balance, data usage, account recharging, and plan modifications.
  • The DU App: For management on the move, the DU app provides a suite of convenient features, from real-time usage tracking to bill payments and plan adjustments.

Equipped with this guide, the landscape of DU network SIM packages becomes much easier to navigate. Select the plan that best matches your lifestyle, subscribe with ease, and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity across the UAE.

Cancelling Your DU Services

Cancelling DU Home Internet:

  • Direct Contact: The most straightforward method is to reach out to DU customer service directly at 800 155. Communicate your decision to discontinue your home internet plan, and they will walk you through the next steps, including any applicable fees or equipment return procedures.

Cancelling Your DU Number:

  • In-Person or Phone Contact Required: As of now, DU does not facilitate the online cancellation of mobile numbers. To proceed, you’ll need to engage with customer service via phone or visit a DU retail store, where representatives can assist with the cancellation process.

DU Cancellation Form for Fixed-Line Services:

  • Specific Use: Cancellation forms available on DU’s website are typically intended for fixed-line services, such as home internet, rather than mobile numbers. This form outlines the necessary steps and information required for service discontinuation.

Cancelling Daily Data Bundle in DU:

  • USSD Code Method:
    1. Dial *135# to access the service menu.
    2. Navigate through the menu to find “data bundles” or “subscriptions.”
    3. Select the “Cancel” or “Deactivate” option for your daily data bundle.
    4. Await a confirmation message to ensure the bundle cancellation has been processed.

Cancelling Your DU SIM:

  • Two Main Approaches:
    • Via Customer Service: Dial 800 155 to speak with a DU representative. After verifying your identity, they will proceed with the cancellation, advising on any outstanding balances or requirements for equipment return.
    • In-Store Visit: Approach a staff member at any DU retail location for personal assistance with your SIM cancellation, including the finalization of cancellation specifics.

Cancelling Your DU Postpaid Plan:

  • Engage Customer Service: Initiating a cancellation call to DU at 800 155 is also the recommended approach for ending your postpaid plan. The customer service team will guide you through the procedure and inform you of any final billings.

General Subscription Cancellations:

  • Tailored Cancellation Processes:
    • For data bundles, the USSD code *135# offers a direct route to manage and cancel your subscriptions.
    • For other DU subscriptions, reaching out to customer service at 800 155 remains the most efficient way to inquire and act on cancellation procedures tailored to your specific service.
  1. How to Deactivate Du Data Bundle

    Dial: *135# or *121#
    Follow the menu options to deactivate the data bundle.

  1. How to Deactivate Daily Data Bundle Du
    • Dial: *135# or *121#
    • Follow the menu options to deactivate the daily data bundle.
  2. How to Deactivate Du 3 AED Data Package
    • Dial: *135# or *121#
    • Follow the menu options to deactivate the 3 AED data package.
  3. How to Deactivate Du Daily Data
    • Dial: *135# or *121#
    • Follow the menu options to deactivate the daily data package.
  4. How to Deactivate Du Daily Data Package 3 AED
    • Dial: *135# or *121#
    • Follow the menu options to deactivate the daily data package priced at 3 AED.
  5. How to Deactivate Du Daily Data Package 4 AED
    • Dial: *135# or *121#
    • Follow the menu options to deactivate the daily data package priced at 4 AED.
  6. How to Deactivate Du Sim Card
    • Contact Du customer service or visit a Du store to deactivate the SIM card.
  7. How to Deactivate Du Sim Card Online
    • Log in to your Du account online and follow the instructions to deactivate the SIM card.
  8. How to Deactivate Du Social Data
    • Dial: *135# or *121#
    • Follow the menu options to deactivate the social data package.
  9. How to Deactivate All Du Packages
    • Dial: *135# or *121#
    • Follow the menu options to deactivate all Du packages.
  10. How to Deactivate Du Offers
    • Dial: *135# or *121#
    • Follow the menu options to deactivate Du offers.
  11. How to Deactivate Du Social Data Package 2 AED
    • Dial: *135# or *121#
    • Follow the menu options to deactivate the social data package priced at 2 AED.
  12. How to Deactivate Du Social Data Package 4 AED
    • Dial: *135# or *121#
    • Follow the menu options to deactivate the social data package priced at 4 AED.
  13. How to Deactivate Social Data in Du
    • Dial: *135# or *121#
    • Follow the menu options to deactivate the social data package.

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