Non-Halal Food Options in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Non-Halal Food Options in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

When you think of the United Arab Emirates, a melting pot of cultures and cuisines likely comes to mind. In a nation where expatriates outnumber locals, the UAE’s culinary scene is as diverse as its population. While the country predominantly offers halal food compliant with Islamic dietary laws, there are also numerous options for those seeking non-halal cuisine. Whether you’re a tourist wanting a taste of home or a resident exploring different dietary choices, the UAE provides a surprising variety of non-halal food outlets.

Abu Dhabi Supermarkets with Non-Halal Sections

In Abu Dhabi, while most supermarkets cater to Halal preferences, a few offer dedicated sections for non-Halal food:

  • Waitrose: Known for its diverse “Non-Muslim Food” section, Waitrose stocks various non-Halal products such as pork, cold cuts, and cheese. Check their offerings online: Waitrose Non-Muslim Food Section.
  • Choithrams: Similar to Waitrose, Choithrams provides a range of frozen pork, seafood, and other non-Halal items in their “Non Halal” category online: Choithrams Non-Halal Section.

Explore diverse culinary experiences with these restaurants offering non-Halal food options:

  1. Soulmates Korean Restaurant: Specializes in Korean cuisine featuring dishes like Korean BBQ and Bulgogi that often include pork.
  2. PF Chang’s: This Asian-fusion chain serves a variety of dishes, including options with pork and non-Halal seafood. Visit their website or contact them directly for specific offerings.
  3. Far East Sushi & Asian Cuisine: Offers a mix of Japanese and Chinese dishes. While many options are Halal, some dishes may include non-Halal ingredients like pork belly or Wagyu beef.
  4. Black Tap Craft Burgers & Shakes: Known for gourmet burgers that may feature non-Halal beef and lamb. It’s advisable to inquire directly for specific options.
  5. Jones the Grocer: Presents a globally-influenced menu with potential non-Halal items such as sausages and European-style steaks.

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Wine Shops and Cellars in Abu Dhabi

  1. Spinneys Liquor – While primarily a supermarket chain, Spinneys also has dedicated liquor stores in Abu Dhabi that offer a good selection of wines from across the globe.
  2. African + Eastern – As in Dubai, African + Eastern in Abu Dhabi provides a comprehensive range of wines, catering to all tastes and preferences.
  3. Centaurus International – Offering a range of wines, beers, and spirits, Centaurus is known for its diverse selection and competitive pricing.
  4. Yas Viceroy Hotel Wine Cellar – This hotel features an impressive wine cellar that caters to guests and visitors looking for premium and fine wines.
  5. The Cellars – Similar to their outlets in Dubai, The Cellars in Abu Dhabi offers an extensive selection of wines to cater to a variety of palates.

Non-Halal Shopping and Dining in Dubai

Dubai provides a broader selection of non-Halal food options in supermarkets and restaurants.

Supermarkets with Non-Halal Sections

  • Waitrose: Offers a dedicated “Non-Muslim Food” section with non-Halal cheeses, pork products, and various seafood options. Explore their selection online: Waitrose Non-Muslim Food Section.
  • Choithrams: Features a “Non Halal” section online with frozen pork and other non-Halal items: Choithrams Non-Halal Section.
  • Spinneys: Although not a dedicated non-Halal section, Spinneys offers a selection of imported sausages and cold cuts labelled as non-Halal. Browse their online catalogue: Spinneys Non-Halal Products.

Notable Non-Halal Restaurants in Dubai

  • The Butcher Shop & Grill: Focuses on premium cuts of meat, featuring steaks, ribs, and other non-Halal options.
  • Moe’s on the Fifth: This gastropub features a diverse menu with dishes like pork belly sliders and sausages.
  • Sura Korean Cuisine: Specializes in Korean BBQ and Bulgogi, often utilizing pork.
  • Le Pirate Restaurant & Bar: Offers classic French dishes with some non-Halal options like charcuterie boards.
  • The Noodle House – JLT: Serves a variety of Asian noodle dishes, with some incorporating non-Halal meats or seafood.

Wine Shops and Cellars in Dubai

  1. African + Eastern – One of the largest retailers of wines and spirits in the Middle East, with several locations across Dubai. They offer a broad range of international wines.
  2. MMI (Maritime and Mercantile International) – A leading wine retailer with numerous outlets in Dubai. MMI provides a wide selection of wines from around the world and frequently offers tasting events.
  3. Le Clos – Located at the Dubai International Airport, Le Clos specializes in fine wines and luxury spirits. They offer expert advice and tasting opportunities right in the airport.
  4. The Cellars – Known for their wide selection, The Cellars have a few outlets in Dubai, offering everything from budget-friendly options to premium wines.
  5. Barracuda Wine Shop – Although technically outside Dubai in Umm Al Quwain, Barracuda is a popular destination for those looking to purchase a wide variety of alcoholic beverages at competitive prices.

Where to Buy Pork in Dubai

In Dubai, non-Muslim residents and tourists can find pork in select supermarkets that cater to international dietary preferences. These include:

  1. Park n Shop – This supermarket chain has dedicated pork sections in some of its branches, specifically catering to the expatriate community.
  2. Spinneys – Offers a secluded pork section where you can find various pork products, from bacon and sausages to pork cuts and ham.
  3. Waitrose – Known for catering to Western tastes, Waitrose stores in Dubai often have a well-stocked pork section.
  4. Carrefour – Some larger Carrefour hypermarkets have a non-Halal section featuring a range of pork products.
  5. Choithrams – Provides a selection of pork items in specific branches, particularly in areas with a high expatriate population.

Can I Find a Korean BBQ in Abu Dhabi?

Yes, Abu Dhabi hosts a variety of restaurants offering Korean BBQs, showcasing the rich flavours and traditional grilling techniques of Korea. Some notable spots include:

  1. Madang Korean Restaurant – Known for its authentic Korean BBQ offerings, where diners can cook their meals on built-in grills at their tables.
  2. Koreana Restaurant – Offers a traditional setting and a variety of Korean dishes, including popular BBQ options.
  3. Sobahn Restaurant – Provides an authentic Korean dining experience with a variety of meat cuts for a custom BBQ.

Non-Halal Restaurants in Sharjah

Finding non-Halal food in Sharjah can be more challenging due to stricter regulations, but there are a few options, often located in hotels:

  1. Shakespeare and Co. – Serves a variety of dishes, some of which include non-Halal ingredients, located in the Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort.
  2. Gusto Italian Restaurant – Located inside the Al Bandar Rotana, offers dishes that might suit those looking for non-Halal options.
  3. Copthorne Hotel Sharjah – Its restaurants serve a variety of international cuisine which may include non-Halal dishes.

Best Places to Find Non-Muslim Breakfast Options in UAE

Across the UAE, several cafes and restaurants offer breakfast menus that cater to non-Muslim tastes. Noteworthy among these are:

  1. Jones the Grocer – With several locations across the UAE, they offer a Western-style breakfast with dishes that include pork products.
  2. Common Grounds – Offers a cosmopolitan menu with diverse breakfast options, available in various malls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  3. Tom & Serg – A popular café in Dubai known for its modern breakfast offerings and vibrant atmosphere.
  4. Eggspectation – Located in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this spot specializes in breakfast and brunch with a wide variety of options.

Other Emirates

  • Sharjah and Northern Emirates: Non-halal options are more limited due to stricter regulations. However, select hotels in areas like Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah serve non-halal foods in their restaurants.
  • Fujairah: Known for its more relaxed approach, Fujairah has several establishments within hotels that offer non-halal options.

Tips for Locating Non-Halal Foods

Finding non-halal food in the UAE requires some local knowledge. Here are some tips:

  • Check Hotel Dining: Most five-star hotels have non-halal options in their restaurants.
  • Use Apps and Online Forums: Platforms like Zomato or expatriate forums can be valuable resources for finding non-halal dining options.
  • Ask Locally: Don’t hesitate to ask local expats or hotel staff for recommendations on where to find non-halal food.

Whether residing in or visiting the UAE, exploring its varied food landscape can offer a deeper understanding and appreciation of the country’s rich cultural tapestry.

From speciality supermarkets to select restaurants within the confines of international hotels, there are ample opportunities to enjoy non-halal cuisine. Whether residing in or visiting the UAE, exploring its varied food landscape can offer a deeper understanding and appreciation of the country’s rich cultural tapestry.

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