Hafilat Card: The Ultimate Guide to Abu Dhabi's Smart Travel Companion

Hafilat Card: Your Key to Abu Dhabi’s Public Transport

Forget fumbling for cash on the bus! Abu Dhabi’s innovative Hafilat card unlocks a world of convenient, cashless public transportation. This sleek smart card streamlines your commute, saving you time and money while exploring the city. Dive into our guide and discover how the Hafilat card becomes your key to navigating Abu Dhabi’s vibrant bus network.

Understanding the Hafilat Bus Card

The Hafilat bus card, a cornerstone of the capital’s commitment to advanced public transportation, offers users a hassle-free experience. By simply tapping the card against readers installed on buses, commuters can pay their fares without the need for cash transactions.

The Hafilat Bus Card is a rechargeable smart card that eliminates the need for cash fares on Abu Dhabi buses. It functions through near-field communication (NFC) technology. Simply tap your card on the validator at bus entrances and exits for a quick and hassle-free transaction. Using a Hafilat card offers several benefits for commuters:

  • Convenience: Ditch the worry of carrying exact change and enjoy faster boarding.
  • Cost-effective: Prepaid plans and passes often offer savings compared to single fares.
  • Efficiency: Reduces boarding times and streamlines the payment process.

Benefits of the Hafilat Smart Card

With the Hafilat smart card, passengers enjoy faster boarding times, less hassle carrying cash, and the ability to manage their travel expenses more efficiently. This system exemplifies Abu Dhabi’s dedication to enhancing the public transport experience through technology.

Enhanced Convenience:

  • Cashless Transactions: Wave goodbye to the hassle of carrying exact change. Hafilat eliminates the need for fumbling with cash, allowing for faster boarding and smoother travel.
  • Quick and Easy: Simply tap your card on the validator – no need to wait for change or purchase tickets every time. This streamlines the boarding process and reduces queues.
  • Multiple Balance Check Options: Check your remaining balance conveniently through various methods – online, mobile app, bus station kiosks, or even SMS alerts (if subscribed).

Cost-Effective Travel:

  • Pay-as-you-go Savings: While convenient, single fares can add up. Hafilat offers prepaid plans and passes suitable for frequent travelers. These options often provide significant savings compared to single fares, especially for weekly, monthly, or yearly passes.
  • Promotional Offers: Keep an eye out for promotions and discounts offered by Hafilat or partnering retailers. You might score additional value or bonus balance when recharging your card.

Hafilat Card Monthly Pass, Weekly Pass Prices and Fare Information

Pass TypeDetailsCharges/FaresValidation/DurationEligibility/Requirements
T-PurseValid for regional and Abu Dhabi city buses. Electronic wallet rechargeable.Boarding: AED 2 Regional: Additional AED 0.05/km Express/Intercity: Additional AED 0.10/kmN/AOpen to all public transport users
Weekly PassUnlimited bus trips within Abu Dhabi city.AED 307 days from purchaseOpen to all public transport users
Monthly PassUnlimited bus trips within Abu Dhabi.AED 8030 days from purchaseOpen to all public transport users
Senior Citizens PassUnlimited bus rides.Registration required1 year, renewable with document verification– UAE ID – Resident visa – Lease contract
Special Needs PassUnlimited bus services.Registration required1 year, renewable with document verification– UAE ID – Valid medical certificate
Student PassUnlimited bus services.Registration required1 year, renewable with document verification– UAE ID – Student card
Hafilat Card Monthly Pass, Weekly Pass Prices and Fare


The T-Purse is a versatile option valid for both regional and Abu Dhabi city buses.

It operates as an electronic wallet that can be recharged.

Boarding costs AED 2, with additional charges of AED 0.05/km for regional trips and AED 0.10/km for express or intercity journeys.

This pass is open to all public transport users.

Weekly Pass:

The Weekly Pass offers unlimited bus trips within the Abu Dhabi city limits.

Priced at AED 30, it remains valid for 7 days from the date of purchase.

This pass is accessible to all public transport users.

Monthly Pass:

The Monthly Pass provides unlimited bus travel within the Abu Dhabi area.

Priced at AED 80, it offers unlimited rides for a duration of 30 days from the date of purchase.

Similar to other passes, this option is available to all public transport users.

Senior Citizens Pass:

This pass caters specifically to senior citizens, offering them unlimited bus rides.

It requires registration and is valid for 1 year, with the option for renewal contingent upon document verification.

Eligibility criteria include possession of a UAE ID, resident visa, and lease contract.

Special Needs Pass:

The Special Needs Pass is designed for individuals with specific medical or mobility needs.

Like the Senior Citizens Pass, it necessitates registration and is valid for 1 year, subject to renewal and document verification.

To qualify, applicants must possess a UAE ID and a valid medical certificate.

Hafilat Student Pass:

Geared towards students, the Student Pass grants unlimited access to bus services.

Registration is obligatory, and the pass remains valid for 1 year, renewable upon document verification.

Eligible applicants must hold a UAE ID and a valid student card .

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How to Check Hafilat Card Balance

Checking your Hafilat card balance online can be done with ease, whether it’s through online platforms, at bus stations via smart card machines, or through the mobile application designed for card management.

Online Check

  1. Access the Official Website: Start by visiting Hafilat’s official website.
  2. Find the Balance Check Section: The site is designed to be intuitive. Look for the balance check area, where you may need to input your card information or sign into your account.
  3. View Your Balance: Once signed in, your balance will be readily viewable, ensuring you’re up to date with your funds.

Via Mobile App

  1. Download the App: Available for both iOS and Android, the Hafilat app is your mobile portal to managing your card.
  2. Log In: Open the app and sign in to access your details (registration may be required).
  3. Check Your Balance: Your current balance will be prominently displayed, offering a quick and mobile-friendly way to keep track.

At Bus Stations

  1. Use Hafilat Kiosks: Find the Hafilat kiosk machines located at various bus stations.
  2. Tap Your Card: Place your card on the reader at the kiosk.
  3. See Your Balance: Your balance will appear on the screen, providing a straightforward update.
How to Check Hafilat Card Balance online
How to Check Hafilat Card Balance online

Locations where you can purchase a Hafilat card

  1. Abu Dhabi International Airport
    • Location: Abu Dhabi International Airport, Airport Rd, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    • Features: Multiple terminals offer Hafilat services, ideal for travelers looking to use public transport upon arrival or departure.
  2. Bani Yas Bus Station
    • Location: Bani Yas, East Area, near Bani Yas East Park, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    • Features: Serves as a central hub for travelers heading to various parts of Abu Dhabi, equipped with Hafilat card vending machines and top-up facilities.
  3. Mussafah Bus Station
    • Location: Mussafah Industrial Area, near Mussafah Park, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    • Features: Caters to the industrial and residential areas, providing easy access to Hafilat services for daily commuters.
  4. Shahama Bus Station
    • Location: Shahama, near Ferrari World turnoff, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    • Features: A vital station for those residing in or visiting the Shahama area, with facilities to purchase and recharge Hafilat cards.
  5. Al-Ain Bus Station
    • Location: Al-Ain City, near Al Ain Municipality, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    • Features: Supports the garden city’s residents and visitors with comprehensive Hafilat card services.
  6. Al-Sila Bus Station
    • Location: Al-Sila, Western Region, close to Al Sila’a Community Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    • Features: Offers Hafilat services in the Western Region, enhancing connectivity for remote areas.
  7. Ghayathi Bus Station
    • Location: Ghayathi, Western Region, near Ghayathi Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    • Features: Facilitates Hafilat transactions for residents and workers in the Ghayathi area.
  8. Madinat Zayed Bus Station
    • Location: Madinat Zayed, Western Region, adjacent to Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    • Features: A convenient location for accessing Hafilat services in the Western Region’s central city.

Recharging Your Hafilat Card

Maintaining a sufficient balance on your Hafilat card is key to a smooth travel experience. Fortunately, there are several methods available for topping up your card.

How to Recharge Hafilat Card online

Recharging your card is straightforward. Choose your preferred method, follow the simple prompts to add funds, and your card will be ready for use immediately.

Online Recharge: Your Digital Lifeline

  • Access Anywhere: Begin by visiting Hafilat’s official website for the ease of recharging from any location.
  • Secure Login and Transaction: Whether you’re a registered user or a guest, follow the prompts to select and confirm your recharge amount.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Pay with your preferred method, including credit/debit cards or other secure digital payment systems.
  • Immediate Balance Credit: Your card’s balance is updated instantly post-transaction, ensuring you’re ready to go.

Ticket Vending Machines: Recharge While on the Move

  • Find a Machine: Ticket vending machines are available at key bus stations throughout Abu Dhabi, designed for your convenience.
  • Intuitive Recharge Process: Follow the simple instructions displayed on the machine to recharge your Hafilat card.
  • Cash or Card Payments: These machines accept both cash and card, offering flexibility in how you recharge.
  • Instant Balance Refresh: Like online recharges, the amount is reflected in your card balance immediately.

Specifically for Hafilat Bus Card Recharge bus commuters, recharging your Hafilat bus card can be easily accomplished through the same methods available for the standard Hafilat card, ensuring you have access to seamless travel across Abu Dhabi’s bus routes.

Hafilat Card Price

Understanding the pricing structure and refund policies associated with your Hafilat card is crucial for informed use. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know:

  • Card Purchase Fee: There’s a one-time fee for purchasing a new Hafilat card, typically around AED 10. This card is valid for five years from the date of purchase.
  • Pay-as-you-go Fares: This option deducts the single fare amount for each bus ride you take from your card balance. Fares may vary depending on the route and distance traveled.
  • Prepaid Passes: For frequent travelers, consider opting for prepaid weekly, monthly, or yearly passes. These offer unlimited rides within the validity period, often at a discounted rate compared to single fares. Specific pass prices might be available on the Hafilat website or app.

Hafilat Card Refund

Refunds on Hafilat Cards:

  • Unused Balance: Hafilat might offer refunds for any unused balance remaining on your card under specific circumstances.
  • Damaged Cards: Refunds or replacements for damaged cards might also be possible, depending on the extent of the damage and the reason for damage.
  • Policy Details: The specific terms and conditions for receiving refunds on unused balances or damaged cards are likely outlined on the Hafilat website or available through customer service.
  • Contacting Customer Service: For any refund inquiries, it’s best to contact Hafilat customer service directly. They can guide you through the process, provide any necessary forms, and clarify the eligibility criteria for receiving a refund.
  • Timeframes and Documentation: There might be specific timeframes within which you can request a refund. Additionally, you might need to submit documentation like your Hafilat card and proof of purchase for a damaged card claim.

In the event that you have unused balance or if your card is damaged, procedures are in place for obtaining a Hafilat Card Refund refund, making sure that your money is protected.

Abu Dhabi Hafilat Card System: Maximizing Your Travel Experience

By leveraging the full suite of features offered by the Hafilat card system, from balance checks and online recharges to understanding card prices and refund policies, commuters in Abu Dhabi can enjoy a more efficient, cost-effective, and hassle-free travel experience.

The Hafilat card is your key to unlocking a smooth and convenient public transportation experience in Abu Dhabi. This innovative smart card streamlines your commute, saving you time and money as you explore the city.

FAQs about Hafilat Card

What is the minimum balance for a Hafilat card?
The minimum balance required to use a Hafilat card varies depending on the type of card and the specific travel needs. However, it’s advisable to maintain a minimum balance of AED 5 to ensure uninterrupted travel across Abu Dhabi’s bus network.

How long is the Hafilat monthly pass valid for?
The Hafilat monthly pass is valid for 30 days from the date of activation. Remember to check the expiration date to ensure your pass is active for your travel needs.

How much is the Hafilat card in Lulu?
Purchasing a Hafilat card from Lulu Hypermarkets may involve an initial cost for the card itself, typically around AED 10 for a standard card. However, prices and availability can vary, so it’s a good idea to check with the specific Lulu Hypermarket or visit the Hafilat website for the most current information.

What is the Hafilat monthly package?
The Hafilat monthly package refers to the monthly pass option, which offers unlimited travel on Abu Dhabi’s bus network for a period of 30 days. The cost of the monthly pass depends on the zones you plan to travel within. It’s designed to offer a cost-effective solution for frequent commuters.

Can I recharge my Hafilat card online?
Yes, you can easily recharge your Hafilat card online through the official Hafilat website or mobile app, using a credit or debit card.

What should I do if my Hafilat card is lost or damaged?
If your Hafilat card is lost or damaged, you should report it immediately through the Hafilat customer service hotline or visit a customer service center. You may be eligible to obtain a replacement card, subject to verification and a replacement fee.

Are there discounts available with the Hafilat card?
Yes, the Hafilat system occasionally offers promotions and discounts for cardholders. These can include reduced fares, bonus balance on recharges, or special rates for monthly passes. Keep an eye on the Hafilat website or sign up for notifications to stay informed about current offers.

Can I use my Hafilat card for multiple passengers?
Generally, Hafilat cards are intended for use by a single passenger. Each traveler should have their own card to tap in and out of the bus network. However, there are specific card types, such as the family card, that allow for multiple users. Check the Hafilat website for details on different card types and their usage policies.

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