anti-lag work and law in uae

All you need to know about anti-lag and law of modification in vehicles in UAE.

How Anti lag works?

It works by delaying the ignition timing and adding extra fuel (and sometimes air) to balance an inherent loss in combustion efficiency with increased pressure at the charging side of the turbo.

Does anti-lag damage your engine?

Anti-lag is quite brutal. Back-firing can cause extra wear and damage to the car engine and turbo. Turbo chargers are built and manufactured to extremely fine tolerances and are not designed for explosive pressure waves.

You might have heard of turbo engines and how it helps engines gain extra power. Turbocharger depends on engine exhaust to generate more power. The exhaust needs time to build up enough output to drive the turbocharger.

This means when your car slows down, there will be a delay to throttle response upon acceleration. The time needed for a change in engine output on throttle response is called turbo lag.

The problem is more apparent in racing applications requiring rapid engine power output changes. To avoid turbo lag, you must maintain the engine rpm, which is impossible unless you are on a racetrack.

One of the ways to overcome such problems is to use an anti-lag system in cars.


To understand how the anti-lag system works, let’s refresh a bit about the working of the car turbochargers. A turbocharger has a compressor wheel and turbine wheel connected by the same shaft in the housing.

The turbine inlet is connected to the exhaust port of the engine. As the exhaust gases pass through the port, the turbine wheel rotates while forcing the compressor wheel to rotate. This allows the compressor wheel to draw in air to inject back into the engine for more power output.

The law and penalties engine modifications in UAE

The Federal Traffic Law confirmed that car owners who make car or engine modifications without abiding by the law could be slapped with a Dh1,000 fine. Additionally, they may be burdened with 12 black traffic points.

  • The UAE Police will also confiscate the vehicle for 30 days for the said offense.
  • Driving a vehicle causing loud noise can incur a fine of Dh2,000 and 12 black points.
  • Those who were found to have violated the mandatory approved standards of modifying their vehicles can face a jail term and a fine of at least Dh30,000.
  • Any parts, upgraded products, and system configuration materials that are violated or not submitted for approval will also be confiscated.
  • Any offered, introduced, or sold modified car materials or parts will receive the same consequence and jail term.
  • The UAE law strictly marks the materials and products that have passed the regulated standards. Any parts subject to the violation shall be confiscated. To read more about the regulation on modifying your vehicle and other useful information regarding the effective rules, you may visit

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