crimes in UAE you should know about

How are Days Counted in Dubai jail crimes can put you behind bars.

How are the days counted in Dubai prison?

The count will begin from the date of arrest.

How long will you be kept in Dubai?

Legally, a person may be held for up to 48 hours in an area police station. When the detainee is handed over to the public prosecutor, the detainee will be in custody for up to 24 hours prior to the formal investigation gets underway. The prosecutor is able to extend the time of detention for the suspect for a maximum duration that is 14 days (in total).

The wrongdoings you commit could land someone in serious trouble with the UAE.

No one likes the thought of going to jail or being fined for a crime they didn’t realize existed. We’ve compiled a list of the most common crimes that could put you in serious danger within the UAE. Do not say you weren’t warned!

1. Smiling or calling someone stupid
The act of calling someone stupid or foolish is a crime that is punishable with an indefinite sentence of imprisonment and a fine.
Laws that you violate: Article 373 is part of the UAE federal penal code.
Penalties: One year in jail and an amount of Dh10 1,000.
The man who found out through the hard way: A Arab man was a ‘idiot’ to his wife on WhatsApp. He will sentenced to 60 days in jail and an amount of Dh20 10,000.
2. Illegal satellite TV
Are you considering installing Dish TV or any other satellite dish antenna that is not authorised to stream your favorite TV show? It could be a risk. People who use pirated TV services may be subject to criminal prosecution. Advertising, sales, or distribution of television services through unlicensed, unauthorised, and illegal TV provider in UAE is illegal, as authorities have warned repeatedly.
The laws you break: Law No. 7 for 2002, and Federal Trademark Law No. 37 of 1992, and the modifications subsequent to it
Penalty: Dh2 Fine of 2,000 as well as legal actions.
Who discovered through the tough way: A Asian man was sentenced to a month in jail and was fined Dh5 10,000 by an Dubai Criminal Court last year for selling illegal satellite TV receivers that could decode channels. He was also told to close his store.
3. Carrying Khas khas
Khas Khos (white poppy seeds) are widely utilized for Indian and Pakistani cuisines, including curries and kebabs, in order to increase their flavor. However, if you’re planning to transport them to UAE avoid the idea. Khas Khas, which is also known as posta is illegal within the country, and anyone that is found to have it may endure a long time in prison.
Law in UAE violate: Federal Law No. 14 of 1995 that criminalizes production, import and export, transportation and selling, possession, storage, or selling of psychotropic and narcotic substances.
Penalties: twenty years’ prison.
They found out the painfully: There were many cases in the past, such as one Indian of Mangalore who was detained when customs officers were at Dubai International Airport seized 102.5 grams of poppy seeds in his bag.
4. Utilizing illegal domestic assistance
Domestic help should be subsidized by the people who recruit them. If you’ve got the courage to employ someone illegally, you should be able to contemplate the dire consequences.
The law you are breaking: Federal Law No 10 of 2017 on Domestic Workers.
Penalties: A fine of no lower than Dh50 or,000 as well as up to Dh5 million in addition to the possibility of a prison sentence.
Who discovered through the most difficult means: A Egyptian man living in Sharjah some time ago. The police detained him and fined of Dh 50k for hiring the housekeeper who was not under the list of his sponsors.

5. Feeding cats

that have wandered off
Food for hungry and homeless cats might appear to be a good thing, however, it’s not. Feeding wild animals increases their capacity to produce more kittens, who are bound to suffer and eventually die in premature death, say animal welfare organizations. Feeding birds like birds, crows, pigeons, as well as stray cats and dogs is banned in Dubai as per Dubai Municipality.
Rule you are breaking: Dubai Municipality rules
Penalty: Dh500.
Who discovered through the hard way: We aren’t sure who was fined in this regard, however residents in a variety of communities have received notices warning to not leave food out for the stray.
6. The camera is filming an accident
If you are not planning to seek compensation for your injuries or damages, making videos or pictures of accidents isn’t an ideal idea since it’s an offence to do so in the UAE. Even gathering around an accident can be punished under the law in this country.
Laws you break: Article 44 of Law No 34 of 2021 in the UAE Cybercrime Law that came into force on the 2nd of January this year. Article 191 of the UAE Penal Code under the Ministerial Resolution No 178 for 2017 on the Rules and Regulations of Traffic Control
Penalties: A six-month sentence in prison or a fine of Dh150 000 and Dh500 000 for the taking of photos of victims of accidents. Dh1 thousand is the maximum penalty for crowding a scene of an accident.
Who discovered in the most difficult way: A lot of people were punished Dh1 thousands recently for gathered near the sites of accidents.

7. Fundraising

Whatever it is, attempting to collect money without permission could lead to devastating consequences. In the UAE Donations Law, such actions are restricted to specific organizations only. It is a New Fundraising Law of UAE law restricts individuals from executing or organising fundraising events. Only registered organizations, as well as local and federal authorities are able to collect, receive and distribute donations.
The laws you are breaking: Federal Law No. 3 of 2021 on the regulation of fundraising activities (the “New Fundraising Law of the Dubai’) and the provisions of Decree No. 9 of 2015 Regulating the Raising of Donations in the Emirate of Dubai (the ‘Dubai Fund Raising Law’).
Penalties: A fine not less than Dh200 or,000 and a maximum fine of Dh500 10,000. Other penalties include imprisonment as well as the confiscation of the money raised.
The painfully: An Australian-British dual national for sharing a link to an organization that helps Afghan children.

8. Car wash in the public.
It’s not going to get you in jail, but it could lead to the payment of a fine. Washing cars in areas that are not designated, whether in houses or in gated communities on the streets is strictly forbidden.
Rules you break: Rules of the municipality.
Penalty: Dh500.
Who discovered through the hard way: hundreds over the course of time.

9. Searching for unlicensed massages.
Massages can reduce tension and increase blood pressure. But, visiting the services of a masseur who draws customers via business cards that contain sexually explicit images could cause you to suffer lots of pain. Based on Dubai Police, you could be a victim of extortionists. If this isn’t enough you can be punished with a fine or imprisoned.
Law you are in violation of: article 356 in the UAE Penal Code.
Penalty: One year in prison or fine, or both.
They discovered this the difficult way: Statistics on those who were punished for seeking the services of massage facilities that aren’t licensed aren’t available. There are a number of instances of victims being robbed or assaulted by unlicensed massage center operators.

10. Doing a phone check on someone else’s.
If you access someone’s phone (and this includes your spouse) could put you in hot water legally. There’s a huge penalty if you enter any system of information using the password you have obtained without permission. Anyone who has a password obtained with the intention of committing an offense will be considered an aggravated crime.
Law that you break: The Federal Law, Article 9, is No. 34 of 2021 to Combat Cybercrimes and Rumours, often referred to as the Cybercrimes Law.
Penalties: Penalties include imprisonment and/or a fine between Dh50 or Dh100 ,000 for accessing an system of information using an account that was not granted authorization. If you are guilty of criminal intent, the penalty is at least six months in jail and/or the possibility of a fine ranging between Dh300 or Dh500,000.

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