How do I check the du number?

Dial *116# from your dial pad. Wait for your sim number to appear on your screen. This is a free service. You don’t need to have a balance in order to verify your Du SIM number.

How do I renew my du sim?

Du customers can now register for or renew their Emirates ID online through the du site. These are the three steps that you should follow:

Step 1 – Visit

Step 2: Enter your valid du mobile number

Step 3 – Upload a scan copy of your Emirates ID

There you go! You can stop wasting your time wandering through crowded malls. There’s no need to hassle. No more standing in long lines!

To register your Emirates ID or for more information, visit

How to find du number du customer service number?

Calling from du 155

Call 800155 if you are calling from another network

how to transfer balance from du to du?

The du More Time option allows customers to transfer credit to prepaid numbers without any fees. Follow these simple steps to initiate this free du balance transfer service:

Type * 121

Add recipient number

Enter the amount in dirhams


Please Note:

Transfers should be made in multiples AED 1. (Examples: AED 5; AED 55; AED 101, etc.)

Transfer credit can be made to up to 25 friends per day. This amount should not exceed the balance of your account.

This method can also be used to transfer credit from Etisalat to du.


You can recharge your friends and family’s accounts with the du International balance transfer. This service is available 24 hours a day and does not require any additional transfer fees. Follow these instructions to make use of this international balance transfer service:

Send it to 1700 by typing “SEND”

Enter the international MSISDN for the recipient (Format : Country code followed MSISDN).

Choose from the transfer balance amounts available and confirm

Wait for confirmation of successful transaction


All du postpaid customers and prepaid customers are able to transfer mobile balance. You can access the du balance transfer service in all countries by sending SMS “List” to 1700.

Transfer du to du

Customers can transfer as little as AED 2 or as much at AED 200 per transaction. To transfer credit, customers need to dial *121*055xxxxxxx*amount#. This will instantly transfer the credit to their payee. This service is free to activate or subscribe.

How to get credit advance in du?

As long as your credit line has been active for at least three months and that you have used the minimum amount of AED 10 per month, you can borrow credit any time. You can simply dial *108# anytime you are out of credit to get AED 5 credit.

To borrow: Call *108# and then press 2 or send SMS ‘5’ to 1080. You can also dial 1 to request a…

Fees: AED5 will be charged to your account and will be deducted from the next rec…

Details: You can borrow credit by hand when you need it

How do I cancel all subscriptions to du prepaid?

Deactivation using SMS of value-added service: 

1. Select the service that you wish to deactivate from this list. 

2. Enter the deactivation keyword and send it to the service provider number. Send “STOP PVOD” in a text message to “4035” if you wish to deactivate.

How can I unsubscribe to all Du packages

Through Messaging


You can cancel all your Du subscriptions by sending one message. Simply write “STOPALL” in your message app, and then send it to 9000


How can I check my du Prepaid Balance?

Call *135#

You can check your balance and get many prepaid services.

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