One of the most common reasons for fines in the UAE is breaking a traffic law. For this reason, it is helpful to learn about the Dubai police fine check Emirates ID and the Abu Dhabi police fine check Emirates ID.

These are all the steps you have to carry out to check a fine in the UAE using an Emirates ID:

Visit the Emirate Police Department’s official website. Alternatively, you can download the Police app and check it there.

Once you enter the site, you will see there are four options, but you have to click the one that states “inquiring by Emirates ID (Individual fines).”

Enter your national Emirates ID number.

Complete the captcha

Click on submit.

After you complete these 5 steps, the site will display the details of your fine. You will see an amount you will have to pay to clear your Emirates ID of fines and other information.

Fine number

Fine year

Plate number

Driver’s license number

Fine location

Fine’s type

If you have not committed any violations, the system will show a message that says there are no fines.

How can I check my Emirates ID fine offline?

If you prefer to know how to check a fine on an Emirates ID personally, you can go to the Ministry of Interior, Abu Dhabi Police, or Dubai Police with your Emirates ID identification number and check the information.

Places where can you pay the Emirates ID fine?

Once you have carried out the Emirates ID COVID fine checking online, you need to go and pay it so you can clear your fines. The best news is that you can pay your fines online by visiting any of the following websites:

Ministry of Interior

Dubai Police

Abu Dhabi police officers

Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai

What are some traffic fines in the UAE?

Traffic fines are very common in the UAE. If you do not want to pay the UAE fine, check Emirates ID. Then you need to know how to follow the traffic laws.

Some of the most common violations of the traffic laws and their fines are as follows:

Exceeding the maximum speed limit, from AED 300 to AED 3000

Driving a vehicle without plates: AED 3000.

Driving under the influence of alcohol: the individual will go to court and the fine will be decided there.

AED 500 for non-stop driving after causing a minor collision.

Crossing a red light: AED 1000.

Driving at night without lights: AED 500

Driving a vehicle with an expired driver’s license: AED 500

AED 400 for not having a driver’s license.

AED 800 for using a mobile phone while driving.

If you want to know how to check an id fine related to traffic law, you just have to visit the police department’s website.

In the UAE, exceeding the speed limit or other options such as forgetting to pay for parking is a mistake that can cost you dearly in fines. In the United Arab Emirates, security is a very important matter. It ensures that its drivers and inhabitants live together in peace and harmony.

If you have any penalties for driving badly, this article will show you how to check Emirates ID fines. And how you can pay them.


You can check your fines online

Do you need an Emirates ID fine check? If you want to check your fines with Abu Dhabi Police online, follow these next steps:

Go to the Abu Dhabi Police website:

Fine investigation? Traffic NoEmirates ID (Individual Fines), Vehicle Plate, Inquiry By Driving License (Choose one)

Insert the image text code and submit it.

RTA Penalties

Municipality Penalties

With this Abu Dhabi fine check online guide, using a PC or smartphone, from the comfort of your armchair at home. You will download the Abu Dhabi App Police, links below.

You’ll need a credit or debit card to pay fines incurred through the Department of Motor Vehicles’ website. The Ministry of Interior provides the service on its website, but individual emirates also have their own websites where you can pay your penalties.

If you want to pay your fines on the Police Abu Dhabi website, watch this video below.

Here is a list of all the official government sites that allow you to pay traffic citations:

Ministry of Interior

Abu Dhabi police officers

Dubai Police

Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority

The Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai

After checking the fine on your Emirates ID online and learning how to check the fine on your Emirates ID, you can compare it to the list of traffic rules in the UAE.

However, it is important to carry out the Emirates ID fine check in Abu Dhabi or the Emirates ID fine check online in Dubai, depending on where your card was issued, before knowing the amount you will have to pay.

You can determine how much you will have to spend with the ID card fine check. Keep in mind that your fines will be cleared once you pay the total amount.

How do I pay fines for self-service kiosks?

You can now pay your Emirates ID fines on self-service kiosks easily. You just have to go to a SAHL to check your fines and even pay right there. Furthermore, you can replace your driving license and vehicle registration certificate quickly. It is a hassle-free way to pay fines conveniently.

Can I pay Emirates ID fines through the Abu Dhabi Police portal?

Paying your traffic fines online is very simple. You just have to do the following:

Registering on the Abu Dhabi police website using your Emirates ID

Create your username and password.

Check your traffic fines and violations.

Pay your fines using your debit or credit card.

It is a straightforward process, and you can clear your fines quickly. As you can see, you have many options, either online or personally.

You pay your Emirates ID fine online

Since these fines can be paid online, you need to know the steps you have to carry out after doing the UAE ID fine check and knowing how much you will have to pay. It depends on your personal preference to decide whether you pay the fines online or in person. Some sites require a credit card, so be aware of this detail.

If you want to pay your fines personally, you have to go to the police station to check your Emirates ID fines and pay them. The best part is that once you have paid all your fines, you will receive a receipt that verifies you have no pending fines.

As you can see, it is very important to know the Emirates ID status fine to have your card always clear and not face any legal repercussions.

What are the different types of fines you can get on your Emirates ID?

Before doing the Emirates ID fine enquiry, it is essential to understand that there are different types of fines an individual can get for several reasons. The Abu Dhabi Emirates ID fine can come in a variety of forms. Some of the most popular fines are for:

COVID-19 violations

Municipality violation

Various individual violations

Jaywalking violations

Delays in renewing the Emirates ID

Late Emirates ID registration

Breaking traffic laws

How can you avoid Emirates ID fines?

Any time you are going to drive, make sure to have your driver’s license, Emirates ID, and vehicle registration card.

Make sure to renew your Emirates ID on time to avoid fines for having an expired card.

If you are going to drive in the UAE, make sure to learn all the traffic rules so you can drive safely.

However, anyone can make a mistake. Therefore, it is helpful to know how to check fines on an Emirates ID.

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