how long can car go without oil change

How long can car go without oil change? Tips to remember when you oil change in UAE.

How long will the car be without oil changes?

The average car can travel up to 7500 miles before requiring an oil change. Additionally, if your car uses synthetic oil, you could travel up to 15,000 miles between oil changes.

What happens if you go on too long without changing your oil?

The absence of an oil change can result in the oil in your vehicle deteriorating over time and collecting the accumulation of dirt, metal, and other debris. As time passes, the oil becomes abrasive and wears down the vital parts of your engine. It is essential to adhere to the correct maintenance schedule for your vehicle’s needs and your personal driving style.

Remember. However, it is a common practice for manufacturers to recommend making an oil change every two months every year, no matter the number of miles you’ve traveled. Even if you’ve been driving for 1,000 miles since the most recent oil changes, you still need to schedule one every six-month.

10 points to remember vehicle inspection

  1. You get an oil change regularly to keep your vehicle in the best condition.
  2. Air filter Inspection of the air filter
  3. Inspection of the battery
  4. Brake fluid level top-up
  5. Coolant level top-up
  6. Inspection of the brake and headlight light
  7. Inspection of the parking brake
  8. Steering fluid level top-up
  9. Checking the pressure of your tires and topping-up
  10. Top-up of the fluid in the Windscreen washer
  11. Wiper blade inspection

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