how to get sira certificate in dubai

The security companies need to pay the SIRA fees in Dubai for arranging the training for the security guard candidates and the security officers. Although any security company in Dubai does not hire you, you can obtain the SIRA license by spending your money.
Possessing a valid SIRA license makes it easy to find a security guard job in Dubai. The reason is that security companies love to hire candidates who already have a security license because they can deploy for the work immediately—another reason they should not bear any cost of your training.
Although SIRA provides various types of security and safety-related training, some popular training comes with different categories at different costs.
Before disclosing the SIRA course fees in Dubai, let me tell you what education qualification requires for you to have specific training if you want to know the detail of the security guard training and exam in Dubai.
The required documentation for the SIRA training application;
1. Color photo
2. Passport photocopy
3. Emirates ID ( person who is working in UAE)
4. Residency visa copy (If you have one)
5. Certificate of good conduct
6. Medical fitness certificate
7. CV
8. Certified Training Courses
9. Educational qualifications (attested)
10. Certificate of Experience
11. Fitness Certificate


how much is sira training in dubai

Steps to implement or register for the course
  1. Register a user account if you are new
  2. Sign in using the current password 
  3. Filling out the Electronic Form in the E-Services System and
  4. attaching the required documents.
  5. Payment through Payment Channels
  6. Review the application form SIRA
  7. Getting the Service means attending the course

Note:– the course fees can be different than the above if the new review is done by the SIRA, so, it is better to visit their websites to get the latest updates. For more details visit SIRA Official.

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