How to check absconded status in UAE?

To access the MOHRE absconding inquiries “click here.”

Select Absconding Withdraw Cancellation Document.

Enter your Transaction number.

Then you’ll get the status of the Absconding Withdraw Cancellation Document.

You can check the absconding case UAE on the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation through the MOHRE app; please follow the next steps:

To download the MOHRE app from Google Play Store

To download the MOHRE app from Apple App Store.”

  1. Open the MOHRE app.
  2. Enter your Transaction number in the status inquiry.
  3. Click the search icon.

How can I check if I have an absconding case in UAE?

First and foremost, you must check your case file with the police department on how to prevent an absconding case in the UAE. Furthermore, you should consult a lawyer if possible. Legal services will be beneficial if you happen to have an open case.

When you have a complaint, you should appeal or object to a decision if you have obtained one. After that, you can change your status and eliminate your absconding.

The other way to check an absconding case in the UAE is to look it up on the internet. Yes, it is as simple as that. However, having a legal consultant is also a great alternative if you are worried about employment issues.

Visit the Emirates Services official website. After that, go to Individual Services and sign in. Fill in some personal information, such as your Emirates ID number, to ensure the file’s legitimacy. You will be able to view the progress of your file after that.

How do I check my absconding visa status?

1. Go to the official website of Emirates Smart Services.

2. Click on Individual Services, and then sign in.

3. Check the file validity by filling out some of your personal information, like your Emirates ID number.

4. After that, you will be able to see the status of your file.

What is the punishment for absconding in UAE?

The worker will be banned permanently from working in the UAE. The employer would have to pay AED 10,000 along with any outstanding fines. The employer’s company/establishment would be closed.

Can I be jailed for not serving a notice period?

No legal action can be taken against you for this. Don’t worry about it. As per Labour-Law and Industrial Disputes Act, the employer can ask for a compulsion to complete a notice period of two months and pay the bond amount. Need to know your joining and the resignation letter date.

What to do after absconding?

A person with an absconding case against them will be unable to enter the UAE or secure employment during this period. Absconding bans are not permanent, although someone who receives more than one could find that they end up with a permanent ban.

Can absconding be removed in UAE?

Suppose your name is on the Absconding list even though you have kept your employer aware of your absence. In that case, you can visit the Labor Ministry and submit proof. They will show you how to remove an absconding case in the UAE. If your employer filed an absconding lawsuit despite you informing your absence, you could sue them back.

Do I get salary if I absconded?

No, the salary is not paid from the day the employee absconds you. However, as an employer, you should clear all the dues until their last day of work.

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