How to check hafilat card balance

Check hafilat card balance

How to Check Hafilat Card Balance Online?


go to Visit


Select the choice Recharge Card. 


You can be directed to https://hafilat.Darb.Ae/AnonymousMedia/Default.Aspx. 


Enter the card serial number.

Enter Ok. 

In the following display screen, you can take a look at your vintage/closing stability. 

If you want to recharge, you can recharge in this screen.

Does the Hafilat card expire?

It is legitimate for 30 days from the date of buy. The cost of the Hafilat Monthly pass is 80 AED.

What is the minimum stability on the Hafilat card?

The Minimum loading (T-Purse) quantity is five AED.

Can I use Hafilat in Dubai?

In some emirates, special playing cards are used for fee. They are Hafilat clever cards in Abu Dhabi. No card in Dubai

Can I use a Hafilat card to journey from Abu Dhabi to Dubai?

The Halifax pass is legitimate for all the regional and intercity buses in Abu Dhabi, which include public buses from Abu Dhabi to Dubai and Ras-al-Khaimah. The Hafilat in Abu Dhabi is quite much like nol card in Dubai.

How do you pay for buses in Abu Dhabi?

In Abu Dhabi, you can pay for public bus fares via Hafilat card. You want to load it with cash and swipe it before and after every trip. The fare is calculated routinely based on the distance of the passenger’s journey. Weekly and month-to-month passes are also available.

 How lots is the bus Hafilat fare from Abu Dhabi to Dubai? 

Abu Dhabi to Dubai bus price ticket charges AED 25. However, this skip can best be utilized in one mode of delivery. Buying an NOL silver card will fee you AED 25; it comes with AED 19 credit.

 How do I recharge my bus card in Abu Dhabi?

The 2d is for reloading your existing Abu Dhabi bus card, and the ultimate is to pay fines. To load your hafilat price tag online, go to hafilat.Darb.Ae and input your wide variety at the again of your in addition to the preferred amount. They will deduct the quantity out of your bank and add it to your balance.

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