how to check overstay fine in uae online

How can I check whether my UAE residence is fine? You can easily go to the smart services page.


  • Press on the Fines button from the public Smart service button
  • Option to Pay Fines
  • Complete the form below

Follow the three-step process to proceed. Be aware of the grace period for expired tourist or residence visas before you verify your UAE overstay penalty.

If you exceed your grace period for renewing your official papers, you will be fined, regardless of whether you are a UAE resident or a travel visa holder. We will show you how to check the overstay fine online in DUBAI.

You will need a copy or file of your resident visa to verify that you have not overstayed. This includes information like your Visa File Number, Date Of Birth, etc.

  • To start, go to and look for the Public Services tab.
  • After selecting the public service button at the top of the smart services page, you will see the Fines-Pay Fines option. Click the Start button to get started.
  • Once you click the start button, you will be taken to a page with three steps to complete. This page will ask you to enter your visa file number.
  • Make a note of your visa file number. This includes the department number (101-201, 301), the year you received it, serial number (1,2,3), and seven-digit sequence number. Enter your birthdate and the captcha code. Then hit the search button.
  • Once you have double-checked all your information, you can view the UAE visa overstay fine amount and the number of days you have overstayed.

Fine for Overstaying Tourist Visa in the UAE

UAE information systems for visas and Emirates ID state that it has a grace period of around ten days for any visit visa. You will be fined and required to pay after the grace period ends.

You will be fined 200 AED for the first day you overstay your visit.

You will be charged 100 AED daily for the remainder of your stay.

There is also a 100 AED service fee.

Fine for overstaying a Residence Visa:

Residents of the UAE have an additional 30-day grace period following the expiration of their visa. They can change their status, apply for a second residence visa, or leave the country. There are no penalties during the grace period.

If you stay longer than this, you will be fined.

  • You will be fined AED 125 for the first-day delay.
  • You will be fined AED 25 for a period of six months. (After the first day).
  • You will be charged AED 50 per day for 6-12 months.
  • After one year of overstaying, you will be charged AED 100 per Day.
  • You will also have to pay AED 100 service fees.

Online Payment of Overstay Fines

You can pay your overstay fees online by selecting your sponsor relationship from the drop-down menu. After clicking Next, you will be asked for your phone number and bank details.

how to check visit visa fine in uae

In order to check your visit visa fine in the UAE you can easily check them online by following below steps:

You can use the websites of either of these two immigration authorities, to check for visa fines regardless of which Emirate issued the visa.

  • GDRFA website – (if the visa is issued by General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Dubai)
  • ICP website – (if the visas are issued for all other emirates – Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah).

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