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All you need to know about salik online

How do I register a new salik bank account?

You can open a new salik account by using various online platforms offered by the Roads and Transport Authority Dubai. You can visit the Salik happiness centre, use the Salik app, or go to the official Salik website.

You have everything you need:

Salik activation key and tag number

For all Salik-related communication, use the mobile number

Details of vehicle registration cards, including details for vehicles registered outside of the UAE and vehicles with export plates (for other emirates than Dubai).

You can visit:

Official Website :

Logging in to Dubai Drive App, the customer selects Salik and Tag activation.

The customer completes the necessary details.

After activation, the customer is able to make any modifications to the vehicle via Dubai Drive App.

RTA Apps

App Available Now in Dubai

The customer logs into the Dubai Now App, and chooses Tag activation.

The customer completes the necessary details.

After activation, the customer is able to make any modifications to the vehicle via Dubai Now App.

Salik App

Dubai Drive

Call Centre

Call 80072545 to speak with a representative.

The voice instructions are followed by the customer

The customer gives the number of the tags as well as the details of the documents.

The Salik tag has been activated.

All vehicles passing through Dubai’s toll gates will be subject to a Salik tax of AED 4. After activating and charging their Salik tags, the vehicles must purchase one and place it on their windshield. Automated payment scanners automatically deduct Salik from tags. Let’s talk about Salik registration in Dubai.


Visit the Salik website to check your Salik account numbers. Your account number will appear in the upper right corner if you have already registered. To locate your account number, you can also go to the account settings.

How to Check Salik Balance in Dubai with an Account Number

Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has made Salik, Dubai’s automated electronic toll gate, a success. Salik registration is mandatory for all cars arriving or departing from Dubai. Salik tags enable you to pay Dubai tolls without having to stop at each toll gate. After attaching the Salik label on your car’s windshield, the fee will automatically be deducted from your Salik Account. To make this happen, you must have a sufficient balance in your Salik account. You can also top up your account by using the Salik number.

This article explains how to check Salik’s balance online using an account number.


The Salik balance check inquiry with account number is similar to all other RTA-governed methods. Follow the steps below to perform a Salik balance inquiry using your account number.

To contact the Salik Self-Service 24 Hours, call 800 Salik (72545), or call the Salik Balance Check Number: 800 Salik (72545).

Choose the language you prefer: 1 for Arabic, 2 for English

To log in to your Salik account, press 3 and enter your account number.

To check your Salik account balance, press 1

Do not be concerned if you want to know how to locate your Salik account number or PIN. Log in to your Salik Account to see the right sidebar. You can also access the same information in your profile settings.

To access your account, you will need to know the PIN assigned to you. You can call Salik’s helpline to request it be sent to you again if you forget it.

You can also check the Dubai Salik balance online through RTA website or Smart Salik App. It is also available on Google Play and Apple Store. After selecting

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