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Renew Ejari Online Documents Requried Ejari

Can I do the Ejari renewal online?

Yes, You can also renew Ejari online, which needs to be done every time you renew your tenancy contract. The Ejari online renewal fee is also AED 155, plus VAT.

  • Tenancy contract
  • Security deposit receipt
  • Tenant’s Passport (for non-GCC countries nationals)
  • Tenant’s UAE Visa (for non-GCC countries nationals)
  • Tenant’s Emirates ID
  • Copies of the landlord’s Passport (if an individual)
  • Copy of the title deed of the rented property
  • DEWA Premises Number (or copies of recent DEWA bills/Green bill accepted)
  • DEWA bill and previous Ejari if you are renewing
  • Trade license (in the case of commercial properties)

What are the required documents for Ejari online renewal?

To renew Ejari online, you need the following documents: 

  • Copies of the Emirates ID, Passport, and visa of the Tenant
  • Copies of the Emirates ID or Passport of the Landlord
  • Copy of the title deed
  • Previous Ejari copy
  • DEWA bill (not older than two months) 

What is the procedure for cancellation? 

The landlord should visit any of the Ejari offices in Dubai and submit the old Ejari contract and the NOC or cancellation letter. The cost for cancellation is AED 30 and is usually completed within an hour of submitting all the necessary documents. 

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