Obtaining and Attesting Birth Certificates in the UAE

Did you know that in the UAE, a birth certificate is more than just a piece of paper? It’s your key to unlocking various doors—school enrollment, passport application, and even your right to residency. Given its significance, obtaining and attesting a birth certificate in the UAE involves a series of crucial steps, each designed to ensure the document’s authenticity and ease of use across both governmental and private entities. But fret not! This guide will walk you through this labyrinth, making the process as straightforward as catching a breeze in the open desert.

Understanding Birth Certificate Attestation

What is Attestation?

Attestation is the process of verifying the authenticity of a document. For birth certificates in the UAE, it confirms that the issued document is genuine and thus acceptable for use in the UAE and beyond.

The Role of MOFA

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFA) plays a pivotal role here. It’s the final seal of approval for your birth certificate’s authenticity after attestation by other relevant bodies.

Steps to Obtain a Birth Certificate in Abu Dhabi

  1. At the Hospital: Immediately after a child’s birth, the hospital issues a birth notification. This is your cue to start the official documentation process.
  2. Registration: With the birth notification in hand, head to the Health Authority to formally register the birth and obtain the official birth certificate.
Steps to Obtain a Birth Certificate in Abu Dhabi
Steps to Obtain a Birth Certificate in Abu Dhabi

For those born in the UAE:

  • Application Process: Start by applying at a public health center or hospital. The good news? This can often be done electronically, streamlining the process significantly. A visit to the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) website provides all the details you need to get started with MOHAP.
  • Required Documents: Be prepared with a marriage certificate, proof of parenthood, and the ID cards or passports of both parents. Additionally, a copy of the family book for UAE nationals will be required.

For those born outside the UAE:

  • Step 1: Obtain a Certified Copy: Your first move is to secure an original or certified copy of the birth certificate from the local authority in your home country.
  • Step 2: Home Country Attestation: This step involves having your document authenticated by your home country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). You’ll likely need the original birth certificate, a copy of your passport, and possibly other documents, depending on your country’s requirements.
  • Step 3: UAE Embassy/Consulate Attestation: With your document authenticated by MOFA, the next step is to take it to the UAE embassy or consulate in your home country for an additional layer of attestation.
  • Step 4: UAE MOFA Attestation: The final leg of the journey involves submitting your document, now stamped by the UAE embassy or consulate, to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Here, it will receive the ultimate stamp of approval, making the birth certificate valid in the UAE.

How to Attest a Birth Certificate from MOFA

  1. Preparation: Ensure your birth certificate is already attested by the issuing authority and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of origin (for non-UAE issued certificates).
  2. Submission: Visit MOFA’s website or their customer service center to submit your document for attestation. Online submission options may also be available.
  3. Payment: Pay the required fee, which varies based on the service speed you choose.
  4. Collection: Once attested, collect your document in person or receive it via mail if you opt for the online process.
How to Attest a Birth Certificate from MOFA
How to Attest a Birth Certificate from MOFA

Changing a Name in a Birth Certificate Online

  • Procedure: The UAE offers online portals for various services, including name changes on birth certificates. Identify the specific portal for your emirate, submit the required documents, and follow the prompts to make the change.

Attesting a Birth Certificate in the UAE

The attestation process can vary slightly between emirates. It generally involves:

  • Getting the certificate attested by the issuing country’s authorities (if applicable).
  • Obtaining attestation from the UAE Embassy in the certificate’s country of origin.
  • Final attestation by MOFA in the UAE.
EmirateResponsible AuthorityOfficial Website
Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi Health Authority (HAAD)haad.ae
DubaiDubai Health Authority (DHA)dha.gov.ae
SharjahMinistry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP)mohap.gov.ae
AjmanAjman Digital Governmentajman.ae
FujairahFujairah Hospitalmohap.gov.ae
Ras Al KhaimahSaqr Hospitalmohap.gov.ae
Umm Al QuwainUmm Al Quwain Hospitalmohap.gov.ae
Birth Certificate in the UAE

Birth Certificate Attestation Costs in the UAE

Costs can vary based on the document’s country of origin, the number of steps required for attestation, and the urgency of the process. Expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred to over a thousand AED.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Attestation Fee: This is the standard government fee for attesting documents in the UAE. For birth certificates (both issued inside and outside UAE), the fee is typically around AED 150.

  • Home Country Attestation Fees: These fees vary depending on your home country. You might incur costs for document authentication at your home country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UAE embassy/consulate there.
  • Courier Charges: There might be additional fees for courier services if you choose expedited delivery.
  • Professional Attestation Services: If you use a service provider to handle the attestation process, they will charge a service fee on top of the government fees.

Special Sections for Dubai and Abu Dhabi

  • Dubai: Known for its efficiency, Dubai allows for seamless online tracking of your attestation process.
  • Abu Dhabi: In Abu Dhabi, you might need to visit multiple government offices, depending on the origin of your certificate.

Newborn Birth Certificate Attestation

Timely attestation of a newborn’s birth certificate is crucial. It avoids future hassles when enrolling in school or traveling abroad.

Child Birth Certificate Attestation for UAE Residency

Attesting your child’s birth certificate is a prerequisite for obtaining residency status in the UAE, ensuring they can live, study, and access healthcare facilities.


Obtaining and attesting a birth certificate in the UAE might seem daunting at first glance. However, with the right knowledge and preparation, it’s a breeze. Remember, this document is your child’s ticket to a multitude of services and rights in the UAE and beyond.

Helpful Tips and Resources

  • Preparation is Key: Gather all necessary documents in advance.
  • Timing: Avoid peak times at government offices by going early or using online services.
  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on the official MOFA website for the latest information and online services.

By following this guide, you’ll navigate the birth certificate attestation process in the UAE with ease, ensuring your family’s smooth transition into life in this vibrant country.

FAQs on Birth Certificate Attestation in the UAE

How does UAE embassy birth certificate attestation work for specific countries? For specific countries, the birth certificate must first be attested by the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, followed by attestation from the UAE embassy or consulate within that country, ensuring the document’s authenticity for use in the UAE.

What is the cost of attesting a birth certificate in the UAE? The cost can vary widely depending on the service provider, the number of intermediary steps, and the country of issuance. Generally, it ranges from a few hundred to over a thousand AED.

Is there an online application for a birth certificate in the UAE? Yes, for births that occurred within the UAE, many emirates offer online registration and application services for birth certificates through official health department websites or portals.

How long does it take to attest a birth certificate for the UAE? The time frame can vary based on the issuing country’s procedures, the efficiency of the UAE embassy in that country, and the final processing by MOFA in the UAE. Typically, it can take from a few days to a few weeks.

Are there attestation services for birth certificates in the UAE? Yes, there are numerous attestation services available in the UAE that can handle the entire process on your behalf, from document pickup to delivery after attestation. These services can save time and simplify the process, especially for those unfamiliar with the procedure.

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