Personal trainer at home
Personal trainer at home
Personal trainer at home
Personal trainer at home
  • October 16, 2022 3:17 pm
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I break down barriers and myths surrounding fitness and train you using methods and equipment


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  • Hi I’m Paurush, I’m Internationally qualified Personal Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning coach holding Sports Nutrition & Supplementation certification.
  • This background allows me to help you achieve most health, fitness, and nutritional goals. I am passionate about running group classes, writing about health, fitness, and nutrition; personal preference has always been an individual, personalized, and hands-on scientific approach.
  • My professional, scientific, and medical education resulted in an integrated and inter-disciplinary training method with a holistic approach. It is a combination of knowledge and experience in anatomy and physiology, physical and manual therapy, movement analysis, nutrition, recovery, and sleep. The practical focus is on kinetics, biomechanics, and functionality; i.e. quality and smoothness of the movement, its function, benefits regarding everyday lifestyle, prevention of potential injury or specific medical conditions like back pain, shoulder impingement, muscle tears and ruptures, sciatica.
  • My specialization is to develop methods and strategies for:
  • ✓ Fat loss (body fat reduction)
  • ✓ Muscle mass gain (hypertrophy)
  • ✓ Weight maintenance (general fitness)
  • ✓ Rehabilitation (pain/injury management)
  • ✓ Prehabilitation (pain/injury prevention)
  • ✓ Healthy nutrition, diet, and supplementation
  • ✓ Sports Strength and Conditioning
  • ✓ Functional conditioning
  • ✓ Mental health and wellbeing
  • These strategies are for amateurs and athletes of all ages and genders. If you would like, contact me for free consultations.


Al Barsha 1, Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE ,Dubai

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