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What is Attestation?

Attestation is a valid legal process of attestation which declares the validity of document. A certificate undergoes several levels of attestation to get the document authenticated. In the process of attestation, A certificate is signed, Sealed, verified, stamped and then attested at last. For every foreigner or the people planning to live in foreign land, Attestation is considered most vital process. Validation of Document is required for every expat/Foreigners to build identity in the country where they are going. Attested document is valued equally in foreign land. It is made as per the legislation of the going-country.

What is UAE embassy Attestation?

UAE embassy attestation is last level of attestation where the set of documents or certificates are verified as per the legislation of the going-country. The UAE embassy attestation makes sure that the verification and attestation is done as per the rules and regulations of UAE.

Why UAE Embassy attestation is required

· To get the certificate attested as per the legislation of UAE

· For UAE visa purpose (Work/Resident)

· For pursuing higher degree education

· For business expansion and trade setup in UAE

What all are the documents, which are attested by UAE Embassy:

1. Personal Document

Your all-personal documents are required to be attested. The personal documents such as Medical Certificates, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, employment documents and various others

2. Educational Document

The Educational documents are the documents which are crucial to get attested for your study purposes. The Educational document include SSC or HSC marksheet, Intermediate or Matriculation Certificate, School leaving Certificate or College leaving Certificate, Transfer certificates and various others.

3. Commercial Document

The Commercial documents are used for business purposes. If you want to setup your business in trade fronts you have to get your commercial documents attested. Which includes Incorporation letter, Invoices, letter of Origin, Power of Attorney and various other documents and Certificates

Process of Getting Document attested:

· The first step of attestation is regional level of attestation, where documents are attested by Notary or the place where document is issued

· The second step of attestation includes state level of attestation, where the documents are attested by State home department or Human resource and development ministry

· The third step of attestation is Central level of attestation, where the documents are attested by ministry of external affairs.

· The last level of attestation is UAE embassy attestation for the people/ Foreigners who are going to UAE.


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