Dubai RTA Traffic Fines & Black Points


Did you know you can get up to 50% off your traffic fines in Dubai? Dubai offers attractive discounts to encourage responsible driving and timely settlements. This article explores the different types of traffic fine discounts available in 2024 and how you can benefit from them.

In the context of Dubai, a city renowned for its bustling streets and advanced infrastructure, the importance of road safety and adherence to traffic regulations cannot be overstated. The city’s commitment to maintaining safety and order on its roads is evident through its structured enforcement of traffic laws. Violating these laws not only endangers lives but also incurs financial penalties in the form of traffic fines. These fines serve as a deterrent, emphasizing the city’s zero-tolerance policy towards breaches of road safety.

Understanding Dubai’s Black Point System

Dubai Traffic Fines: An Overview

Responsibility for Payment

The responsibility for paying traffic fines in Dubai typically falls on the driver at the time of the offense. However, in cases where identification of the driver is not possible, the owner of the vehicle is held liable. This approach underscores the shared responsibility between vehicle owners and drivers to ensure adherence to traffic regulations.

Understanding UAE Traffic Fines: Regulations, Payment Methods & Dispute Process
Understanding UAE Traffic Fines: Regulations, Payment Methods & Dispute Process

Enforcement Entities

Enforcement of traffic fines in Dubai is primarily managed by two main entities:

  1. Dubai Police: Tasked with monitoring road safety and responding to violations, Dubai Police play a pivotal role in the enforcement of traffic laws.
  2. Roads and Transport Authority (RTA): While RTA’s remit includes the broader oversight of transport and infrastructure in Dubai, it also collaborates with Dubai Police in aspects related to traffic fine enforcement.

Fines for Speeding and Black points in Dubai

Speeding can lead to hefty fines, black points, and even your vehicle being taken:

  • Going over the speed limit by more than 80 km/h: AED 3000 fine, 23 black points, and vehicle/license confiscation for 60 days.
  • Exceeding the speed limit by more than 60 km/h but less than 80 km/h: AED 3000 fine, 12 black points, and vehicle confiscation for 30 days.
  • Speeding by less than 60 km/h over the limit: AED 1500 fine, 6 black points, and 15 days vehicle impoundment.
Speeding ViolationFineBlack PointsVehicle ConfiscationLicense Suspension
Exceeding by 80 km/h over the specified speed limitAED 300023Yes (60 days)Yes (60 days)
Driving at more than 60 km/h over the specified limitAED 300012Yes (30 days)No
Exceeding the maximum speed limit by less than 60 km/hAED 15006Yes (15 days)No
Speeding Violation & Black Points
Speed Limit ViolationFine
Driving under the speed limit of less than 50 km/hAED 1000
Exceeding the max speed limit by less than 40 km/hAED 700
Exceeding the maximum speed limit by less than 30 km/hAED 600
Driving under the speed limit of less than 20 km/hAED 300
Speed Limit Violation and Fine

There are also fines without black points for lesser speed violations, starting from AED 300 to AED 1000, depending on how much over the speed limit you were driving.

Tip Dispute the Fine

You have the right to dispute a traffic fine in Dubai if you believe it was issued in error. Submit a written appeal to the Dubai Police Traffic Fines Department within 30 days of receiving the fine.

Rash and Reckless Driving Penalties in Dubai

Serious penalties apply for reckless behavior on the road, including injuring someone, endangering lives, driving without a license plate, or drunk driving. These offenses come with 23 black points, up to AED 20,000 in fines, and possible vehicle confiscation and jail time.

Reckless Driving ViolationFineBlack PointsVehicle ConfiscationJail Time
Seriously injuring another due to reckless drivingVaries (Court Decision)23Yes (60 days)Possible (Court Decision)
Putting someone’s life in danger due to reckless drivingVaries (Court Decision)23Possible (Court Decision)
Driving a vehicle without a number plateAED 300023Yes (90 days)
Drunk drivingAED 20,00023Yes (60 days)Possible (Court Decision)
Rash and Reckless Driving Penalties Dubai
Other Reckless Driving ViolationFineBlack PointsVehicle Confiscation
Not stopping at the red lightAED 100012Yes (30 days)
Vehicle blocking trafficAED 10006
Driving without keeping a safe distance from other vehiclesAED 4004
Rash and Reckless Driving Penalties Dubai

Lesser violations like not stopping at a red light or blocking traffic can result in fines ranging from AED 400 to AED 1000 and varying black points.

Parking and Overtaking Violations in Dubai

Incorrect parking and overtaking incorrectly can also attract fines and black points. Penalties range from AED 400 to AED 1000, with some violations also adding 6 black points to your record.

Traffic ViolationFineBlack Points
Parking in front of a fire hydrantAED 10006
Parking in spaces allocated for people of determinationAED 10006
Making a sudden stop in the middle of the roadAED 10006
Stopping your vehicle in the yellow box junctionAED 500
Stopping your vehicle in a prohibited area on the left shoulderAED 1000
Stopping vehicle on pedestrian crossingsAED 500
Parking behind vehicles, blocking movementAED 500
Stopping your car without keeping a safe distanceAED 500
Improper parkingAED 500
Parking vehicles on pavementsAED 400
Stopping your vehicle in a dangerous mannerAED 400
Stopping vehicle in a way that blocks pedestrian movementAED 400
Wrong overtaking when driving a light vehicleAED 6006
Overtaking from road shoulderAED 10006
Overtaking from a prohibited placeAED 600
Parking and Overtaking Violations in Dubai
Parking and Overtaking Violations in Dubai
Parking and Overtaking Violations in Dubai

Other Violations Violations in Dubai

Other actions like driving without a seatbelt, littering from your car, or using your phone while driving can result in fines and black points. The penalties vary, with fines up to AED 2000 and black points up to 12 depending on the violation.

New Traffic Fines in Dubai for illegal racing

Recently introduced fines include penalties up to AED 100,000 for severe offenses like illegal racing or endangering others on the road.

Traffic ViolationFineBlack Points
Driving without the seat beltAED 4004
Throwing garbage out of the carAED 10006
Driving a car that is polluting the environmentAED 10006
Driving a noisy vehicleAED 200012
Making a child sit in the front seatAED 1000
Using a phone while drivingAED 8004
JaywalkingAED 400
Driving with old/expired tyresAED 5004
Driving without proper car registration or insuranceAED 5005
Driving without lights during foggy weather or night hoursAED 5004
Rashly reversing your vehicleAED 5004
Riding a motorcycle without a helmetAED 5004
Parking vehicle on pedestrian crossingsAED 500

Black Points Amnesty

Dubai authorities occasionally declare black points amnesty periods. Black points are linked to your driving license and accumulating too many can lead to license suspension.

During an amnesty, drivers have the opportunity to have a portion or all of their black points waived by settling outstanding fines. Keep an eye out for announcements from Dubai Police as these periods can offer significant savings.

Traffic Fine Discounts

Dubai occasionally offers discounts on traffic fines to encourage safer driving habits. Past initiatives have offered up to a 100% discount for drivers who avoid violations for a certain period.


Serious Traffic Violations Resulting in AED 50,000 Fines in Dubai

Traffic ViolationFine
Driving recreational purpose bike on paved roadsAED 50,000
Reckless driving endangering others on the roadAED 50,000
Escaping a traffic signal or jumping a red lightAED 50,000
Driving with an illegal or fake Dubai driving licenceAED 50,000
Hitting a police vehicle intentionally, leading to vehicle impoundmentAED 50,000
Underage driving (less than 18 years old)AED 50,000
Traffic Violations Resulting in AED 50,000 Fines in Dubai

Traffic Violations Resulting in AED 10,000 Fines in Dubai

Traffic ViolationFine
Vehicle modification without required approvals or modifications leading to increased sound and speedAED 10,000
Driving vehicles with number platesAED 10,000
Evading or escaping the policeAED 10,000
Participation in illegal or chaotic activities such as racing or showcasing a vehicle publicly on roadAED 10,000
Window or windshield tinting above approved level or without permissionAED 10,000
Traffic Violations Resulting in AED 10,000 Fines in Dubai

Checking for Traffic Fines Dubai Online

checking Through Dubai Police:

  1. Visit the Dubai Police Website:
    • Start by going to the official Dubai Police website. Look for the services section or search for “traffic fines.”
  2. Find the Traffic Fine Inquiry Section:
    • Navigate to the “Traffic Fine Inquiry” or similar option. This service allows you to check any traffic fines registered to your name or vehicle.
  3. Select the Inquiry Type:
    • You will usually have the option to search by Traffic File Number, License Plate, or Driving License. Choose the method that is most convenient for you.
  4. Enter Your Details:
    • Input the required details based on your selected inquiry type. For example, if you’re checking via license plate, you’ll need to enter your plate number and code.
  5. Complete the CAPTCHA (if any):
    • You might need to complete a CAPTCHA verification to prove you’re not a robot.
  6. View Your Fines:
    • Submit your inquiry. If there are any fines associated with your query, they will be displayed on the screen. You’ll see details such as the fine amount, the reason for the fine, and the date it was issued.
Disputing a traffic fine in the UAE Step-by-Step Guide
Disputing a traffic fine in the UAE Step-by-Step Guide

Partial Payment Option

While not widely publicized, it’s possible to negotiate a partial payment plan for hefty fines in Dubai. This option can be beneficial when the early settlement discount isn’t sufficient.

Contact the Dubai Traffic Fines Department directly to discuss the possibility of setting up a partial payment plan. They may offer flexibility based on your circumstances.

Paying Your Fines:

If you find that you have outstanding fines, you can usually pay them directly through the Dubai Police website using a credit or debit card. The process is similar to checking for fines, with an additional step to complete the payment.

Checking and Paying Your Fines Through RTA:

While the RTA mainly handles other transport-related services, you can pay your traffic fines through their website as well:

  1. Visit the RTA Website:
    • Go to the official RTA website and look for the traffic fine payment section.
  2. Choose Your Language: The website defaults to Arabic. If you prefer English, locate the language selection option and choose “English.”
  3. Enter Your Details: Locate the designated fields and enter either your Traffic File Number or your Vehicle Plate Number.
  4. Verification (Optional): In some cases, you might be prompted for additional verification like a CAPTCHA code. Enter the code as displayed.
  5. Review Your Fines: If you have outstanding fines, they will be displayed on the screen. This will include details like the violation type, date, and the amount owed.
  6. Select Fines for Payment (if applicable): If you have multiple fines, you can choose which ones you want to settle now. Tick the checkbox next to each fine you want to pay.
  7. Proceed to Payment: Once you’ve reviewed and selected your fines, click the designated button to proceed to payment. This will typically be labeled “Pay Now” or “Make Payment.”
  8. Choose Your Payment Method: The RTA website offers various payment options. You can choose from:
  9. Search for Your Fines:
    • Similar to the Dubai Police service, you may need to enter details like your vehicle license plate, driving license, or traffic file number.
  10. View and Pay Fines:
    • Once you’ve found any fines, follow the prompts to complete the payment online.

Paying Traffic Fines Discounts 2024

Check Latest Traffic Fine Discounts in 2024 visit Dubai Police Traffic discount portal

Payment of traffic fines in Dubai can be accomplished through multiple channels:

  • Online Payment: Both the Dubai Police and RTA websites offer secure and convenient online payment options. This method is highly recommended for its efficiency and ease of use.
  • In-person Payment: Individuals can also opt to pay their fines directly at Dubai Police stations or RTA customer service centers. This method caters to those who prefer or require a physical transaction.

Late payments are subject to additional fees, emphasizing the importance of timely settlement of fines to avoid extra financial burden.

  1. Early Settlement Discounts:
    • Substantial Savings: Motorists stand to benefit from discounts of up to 50% by settling fines within 30 days of issuance. A tiered structure offers the most significant reduction of 20% for payments made within an accelerated timeframe of 20 days.
    • Illustrative Example: Consider a speeding ticket carrying a fine of AED 1,000. By settling within 20 days, the penalty reduces to AED 800 (20% discount). Even waiting the full 30 days qualifies for a substantial reduction, bringing the total down to AED 500 (50% discount).
  2. Good Driver Discounts:
    • Recognition of Safe Driving: Dubai extends rewards to drivers maintaining a clean record. Motorists with no traffic violations within a specified period may enjoy discounts on future fines. The Dubai Police offers a good driver discount of up to 25% for those with a violation-free record in the past year.
    • Long-Term Benefits: This incentive not only fosters responsible driving habits but also promises significant savings over time, particularly for frequent drivers.

Sell Your Car

This might sound extreme, but if you have a car with accumulated, unpaid fines exceeding the car’s value, consider selling it. Unpaid fines are linked to the vehicle, not the driver. Selling the car allows the new owner to settle the fines and register the vehicle in their name. (Always disclose outstanding fines to potential buyers).

Important Considerations:

  • Discount Eligibility: Not all offenses qualify for discounts. Serious violations such as driving under the influence or causing fatal accidents typically incur fixed fines without room for reduction.
  • Checking for Fines: Conveniently ascertain outstanding fines online via the Dubai Police website or their mobile app. This facilitates timely resolution, potentially enabling eligibility for the early settlement discount.
  • Payment Options: Dubai offers diverse payment channels, including online platforms such as the Dubai Police website or RTA website, in-person settlements at Dubai Police stations, or RTA customer service centers. Opting for the most convenient method ensures seamless and prompt resolution.

Additional Tip

  • Set Up Alerts: Consider setting up SMS or email alerts (if available) through the Dubai Police or RTA websites to receive notifications of any new fines.
  • Use Mobile Apps: Both Dubai Police and RTA offer mobile apps that can simplify the process of checking and paying for fines.
  • Keep Records: After paying any fines, keep a copy of the transaction receipt for your records.

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