Salary Certificate & Attestation in the UAE

Your salary certificate is a crucial document in the UAE, serving as proof of your income for various purposes like visa applications, loan approvals, and even renting an apartment. But sometimes, a simple company-issued certificate isn’t enough. In certain situations, you might need your salary certificate to be “attested” – officially verified by government authorities. This article delves into the world of salary certificate attestation in the UAE, explaining when it’s necessary, the steps involved, and alternative options you might consider. By understanding the process, you can ensure your salary certificate holds the necessary weight for any official requirement.

Navigating Salary Certificates in Dubai and the UAE

What is a Salary Certificate?

A salary certificate is an official document issued by an employer that details an employee’s earnings, including basic salary and allowances. In the UAE’s fast-paced financial ecosystem, this certificate plays a pivotal role in facilitating various financial transactions and legal processes for expatriates and residents alike.

How to Get a Salary Certificate in the UAE

Obtaining a salary certificate involves a straightforward process, albeit with slight variations between mainland companies and free zones.

1. Determine the Purpose:

The first step is to identify why you need a salary certificate. Knowing the purpose can help you understand any specific requirements. Common reasons include:

  • Applying for a credit card or loan
  • Applying for a visa (residency or work permit renewal)
  • Renting a property

2. Contact Your HR Department:

Your primary contact for obtaining a salary certificate is your company’s Human Resources (HR) department. They handle employee documentation and should be familiar with the process. They can provide you with:

  • Specific Requirements: Depending on the purpose, there might be any special formatting or information needed in the certificate.
  • Application Process: Some companies might have online portals or internal procedures for requesting salary certificates.
  • Estimated Turnaround Time: Knowing the processing time helps you manage expectations.

3. Prepare Necessary Information:

While specific details may vary, you might need to provide the following information to HR when requesting a salary certificate:

  • Your Full Name:
  • Employee ID Number:
  • Date Range (if applicable): For specific periods if needed.
  • Purpose of the Certificate: This helps HR tailor the certificate if necessary.
How to Get a Salary Certificate in the UAE
How to Get a Salary Certificate in the UAE

4. Submit Your Request:

Follow the process outlined by your HR department. This might involve submitting a formal request email, filling out an online application form, or visiting the HR office in person.

5. Collect Your Certificate:

Once processed, you can collect your salary certificate from HR. It will typically be printed on company letterhead, signed by an authorized official, and contain details such as:

  • Your name and employee ID number
  • Your job title
  • Your base salary and any allowances
  • Date of issuance

Application for Salary Certificate

Employees seeking a salary certificate should submit a formal request to their HR department, which typically includes:

  • A completed application form, if provided by the company.
  • A valid reason for the request, such as loan application or tenancy contracts.

Bank Loan Salary Certificate Format

Templates and Samples

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, Zip Code]
[Email Address]
[Phone Number]

[Employer’s Name/HR Department]
[Company Name]
[Company Address]
[City, Zip Code]

Subject: Application for Salary Certificate

Dear [Employer’s Name/HR Manager],

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to request a salary certificate reflecting my employment details and earnings with [Company Name]. This certificate is required for [mention the purpose: e.g., applying for a bank loan, visa application, tenancy agreement, etc.].

Below are my employment details for your reference:

  • Employee Name: [Your Full Name]
  • Employee ID/Number: [Your Employee ID]
  • Department: [Your Department/Section]
  • Position: [Your Job Title]
  • Date of Joining: [Your Start Date with the Company]

I would appreciate it if the salary certificate could include the following information:

  • Gross Monthly Salary
  • Any Allowances (Housing, Transportation, etc.)
  • Date of Employment Commencement
  • Position or Job Title

If there are any forms or additional documentation required from my end, please let me know, and I will provide them at the earliest.

I understand the demands on your time and truly appreciate your assistance in providing this document. If possible, I would appreciate receiving the salary certificate by [desired date of receipt], which will allow me to proceed with my application promptly.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support.


[Your Signature (if sending a hard copy)]
[Typed Name]

Required Documentation

While specific requirements might vary, the following documents are generally needed:

  • A valid Emirates ID.
  • Passport copy.
  • A letter of request or application form signed by the employee.

Salary Certificate for Bank Loans

When applying for bank loans in the UAE, a salary certificate becomes indispensable as it proves the applicant’s ability to repay the loan.

Salary Certificate Letter for Bank Loan

This is a formal letter from the employer stating the employee’s salary details, tailored specifically for loan applications. It should be on the company’s letterhead, duly signed and stamped.

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Attestation and Legalization Salary Certificate

Salary Certificate Attestation in UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The attestation steps may differ across emirates, but the general procedure is as follows:

  1. Obtain Salary Certificate: Secure a salary certificate through your company’s HR department.
  2. Chamber of Commerce Attestation (Optional): This initial step may involve verifying the company seal and signature at the local Chamber of Commerce. Google Chamber of Commerce near me.
  3. MoFAIC Attestation: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation ensures the document’s authenticity, including prior attestations.
Salary Certificate Attestation in UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation
Salary Certificate Attestation in UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation

Key Points to Remember

  • Fees: Attestation incurs variable fees based on the emirate and processing speed (regular or expedited).
  • Online Applications: Emirates like Dubai offer online attestation services for convenience.
  • Turnaround Time: Expect the attestation to take anywhere from a few days to a week, depending on service choice.

Useful Resources

  • MoFAIC Website: Find comprehensive details on attestation services.
  • Emirate-Specific Government Websites: Check for attestation guidelines specific to your emirate, such as the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

The process typically involves:

  1. Notarization by a local notary public or relevant authority.
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) attestation for use outside the UAE.

Dubai Salary Certificate Template

Templates specific to Dubai’s regulations can be found on the Dubai Municipality’s website or requested from HR departments.

Salary Certificate Sample for Bank Loan

Banks or financial institutions may provide specific templates. Generally, it includes detailed salary breakdowns and employer assurances regarding the employee’s financial reliability.

Free Zone Salary Certificate

Employees working in Free Zones might undergo a slightly different process, overseen by the respective Free Zone Authority. It’s advisable to consult the Free Zone’s HR department for precise guidelines.

  • Issuing Authority: While mainland companies rely on local authorities, free zone companies might have a dedicated department within the free zone itself responsible for issuing salary certificates.
  • Application Process: The process for requesting a free zone salary certificate might be handled internally by your company’s HR or through an online portal offered by the specific free zone authority.

Steps to Obtain a Free Zone Salary Certificate:

  1. Contact Your HR Department: Initiate the process by contacting your company’s HR department. They can provide you with:
    • Specific requirements for the certificate (any details needed)
    • Preferred method for requesting the certificate (internal forms, online portal)
    • Estimated turnaround time
  2. Submit Your Request: Follow the process outlined by your HR department. This might involve submitting a formal request through an internal system or a dedicated free zone portal.
  3. Collect Your Certificate: Once processed, you can typically collect your salary certificate from HR or download it directly if using an online system.

Salary Certificate in Arabic

For certain official uses within the UAE, a salary certificate in Arabic might be necessary. Professional translation services can ensure accuracy and compliance with local requirements.

A salary certificate is more than just a document; it’s a key that unlocks numerous doors for employees in the UAE, from bank loans to residency procedures. By following the outlined steps and utilizing the provided templates, navigating the process becomes significantly easier. Whether you’re an employer drafting the document or an employee initiating the request, understanding the importance and proper handling of salary certificates is essential in the UAE’s corporate landscape.

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