Top Budget Shopping Destinations in Dubai

List of Cheap Shopping Spots Dubai 2024

Did you know that amidst the glittering towers and luxury boutiques of Dubai, there exists a thrifty shopper’s paradise? While Dubai is renowned worldwide for its opulent shopping malls and high-end fashion, the city also offers numerous hidden gems where bargains reign supreme. Whether you’re a resident on a budget or a tourist seeking value for money, discovering these affordable shopping destinations can transform your shopping experience.

This guide equips you with the knowledge to navigate Dubai’s diverse shopping scene and score amazing finds without burning a hole in your wallet. So, ditch the designer labels for a while, grab your reusable shopping bag, and get ready to experience the thrill of the hunt!

1. The Outlet Village

  • Location: Jebel Ali
  • Highlights: Enjoy up to 50% discounts daily on brands like Galeries Lafayette and Nike in an Italian-themed setting.
  • Ideal For: Branded clothing and accessories at heavy discounts.

2. Dubai Outlet Mall

  • Location: Dubai Al-Ain Road
  • Highlights: Features last season’s stocks from luxury brands like Givenchy at reduced prices.
  • Ideal For: Fashion and lifestyle products at bargain prices.

3. Retold

  • Location: Al Barsha
  • Highlights: A boutique offering curated second-hand clothes from designer labels, promoting sustainable fashion.
  • Ideal For: Eco-conscious shoppers looking for quality apparel.

4. Brands for Less and Tchibo

  • Location: Multiple locations including Ibn Battuta Mall and Mirdif City Centre
  • Highlights: Features new trends in clothing at low prices, with Tchibo offering quality German apparel.
  • Ideal For: Affordable fashion updates and household items.

5. Garderobe

  • Location: Villa 590, Jumeirah Beach Road
  • Highlights: Offers pre-owned luxury items from top brands like Chanel at a fraction of the original price.
  • Ideal For: Access to luxury brands at accessible prices.

6. Al Karama

  • Highlights: Known for its low-priced shops offering negotiable prices on everything from handbags to clothing.
  • Ideal For: Bargain hunters and skilled hagglers.
  • Travel Time: 20-minute cab ride from the city centre.

7. Global Village

  • Highlights: Features stalls from over 80 countries, available during the cooler months, offering everything from souvenirs to clothing.
  • Ideal For: Cultural and diverse shopping experiences at low costs.

8. Bagatelle Boutique

  • Location: First Floor, Mercato Shopping Mall, Jumeirah 1
  • Highlights: Sells authentic pre-owned luxury products from brands like Hermes and Chanel.
  • Ideal For: High-end luxury products at reduced prices.


  • Highlights: An online platform offering discounted products across a wide range of categories, delivering exclusively in the UAE.
  • Ideal For: Convenient online shopping for discounted items.

10. Wafi Mall

  • Location: Oud Metha Rd
  • Highlights: Over 300 stores in an Egyptian-themed complex, offering both luxury and affordable options.
  • Ideal For: A mix of high-end and affordable shopping.
  • Timings: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

11. Naif Souq

  • Location: Deira, Dubai
  • Specialty: Textiles, spices, and handicrafts
  • Experience: Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of this traditional Arabic market. Known for its diverse offerings, haggling here is an essential skill that can lead to significant savings on unique items.
  • Ideal For: Shoppers looking for a rich cultural experience and great bargains on local goods.

12. Meena Bazaar

  • Location: Bur Dubai, Dubai
  • Speciality: Textiles, electronics, imitation designer goods
  • Experience: This bustling bazaar mirrors the vibrant markets of India, filled with textiles, jewellery, and electronics. Bargaining is highly recommended to secure the best prices.
  • Ideal For: Those in search of vibrant fabrics, intricate jewellery, and the latest gadgets at competitive prices.

13. Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

  • Location: Bur Dubai, Dubai
  • Speciality: Antiques, traditional crafts, art galleries
  • Experience: Set in a historical part of Dubai, this neighbourhood offers quaint shops and galleries in a traditionally preserved setting. Shopping here offers a glimpse into the emirate’s rich history.
  • Ideal For: Visitors interested in unique souvenirs, antiques, and traditional Emirati crafts.

14. Satwa

  • Location: Satwa, Dubai
  • Speciality: Textiles, fashion, household goods
  • Experience: Known for its diverse community, Satwa is a melting pot of cultures offering an eclectic mix of modern and traditional shops. It’s famed for its fabric shops and tailoring services.
  • Ideal For: Bargain hunters looking for fabrics, tailor-made clothing, and essential household items.

15. Dragon Mart

  • Location: International City, Dubai
  • Speciality: Wide range of products imported from China
  • Experience: As one of the largest hubs for Chinese products outside China, Dragon Mart offers everything from fashion to furniture at very competitive prices.
  • Ideal For: Shoppers looking for a broad selection of products at low prices.

16. Ibn Battuta Mall

  • Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
  • Speciality: Diverse range of shops inspired by the regions visited by Ibn Battuta
  • Experience: Themed around the adventures of the explorer Ibn Battuta, this mall features six courts that represent different regions. Each court offers a unique architectural and retail experience.
  • Ideal For: Those interested in a cultural shopping experience combined with a variety of budget and mid-range shopping options.

17. Minosso

  • Location: Various locations across Dubai
  • Specialty: Everyday items at discount prices
  • Experience: This Japanese discount store chain offers an extensive range of everyday items from homewares to snacks at exceptionally low prices.
  • Ideal For: Budget-conscious shoppers seeking practical items at bargain prices.

Unleash Your Inner Bargain Hunter: Souks and Markets

Dubai’s traditional souks are a must-visit for budget-conscious shoppers. Here, haggling is not just encouraged, it’s an art form! Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and explore these bustling marketplaces:

  • Deira Souks: Explore a labyrinth of alleys packed with spices, textiles, electronics, and souvenirs. Your negotiation skills will be put to the test!
  • Gold Souk: Dazzling displays of gold jewelry line the streets. While not everything is a steal, keep your eyes peeled for hidden gems.
  • Spice Souk: Aromatic spices from around the world fill the air. Stock up on unique blends or grab some saffron, known as “red gold” for its high price tag (so a smaller quantity might be budget-friendly).
  • Textile Souk: Find bolts of colorful fabrics, pashminas, and traditional clothing at reasonable prices. Perfect for creating unique souvenirs or revamping your wardrobe.

Pro Tip: Be polite and respectful during negotiations. A smile and a friendly conversation can go a long way in securing a good deal.

Mall Mania: Finding Bargains in Shopping Centers

Dubai’s vast shopping malls are not just for luxury brands. Here are some tips for finding budget-friendly options:

  • Department Store Deals: Major department stores like Debenhams and Centrepoint offer regular sales and clearance sections. Look for discount racks and seasonal promotions.
  • Outlet Malls: Dubai Outlet Mall and Dubai Outlet Village offer discounted past-season collections from a variety of popular brands. Score designer finds for a fraction of the original price!
  • Flash Sales & Promotions: Many malls host special sales events and weekend promotions. Keep an eye out for flyers and online advertisements to snag incredible deals.

Dubai’s reputation as a shopping haven isn’t just built on luxury. The city offers an array of budget-friendly shopping spots where you can enjoy a rich shopping experience without overspending. From sprawling markets like Dragon Mart to the culturally rich Global Village, each destination offers unique products and an opportunity to save while you shop. Whether you are outfitting your home, updating your wardrobe, or searching for the perfect souvenir, Dubai’s budget-friendly shopping spots provide plentiful choices that promise not to dent your wallet.

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