Paying Traffic Fines Online in Umm Al Quwain

Navigating traffic fines in Sharjah doesn’t have to be a hassle, especially with the city’s lenient early payment discounts. This guide serves as a beacon for motorists looking to minimize the financial sting of traffic tickets. By shedding light on the streamlined online process for checking and settling fines, it offers a practical approach to managing and mitigating traffic-related expenses. Whether you’re a solo driver or managing a fleet, the digital convenience provided by Sharjah’s eGovernment portal and the Police’s online services simplifies the once daunting task of fine payment.

The beauty of Sharjah’s traffic fine management system lies in its user-centric design, allowing for easy access to fine details and flexible payment options. The introduction of early payment discounts is a game-changer, offering substantial savings for those proactive about their traffic fines. This guide aims to empower drivers with knowledge and tools to efficiently address their fines, ensuring that staying on top of traffic violations is straightforward and less burdensome financially.

Navigating traffic fines in Sharjah Black Points Discount and More

List Of Sharjah all Traffic Fines

ViolationFine (AED)Black PointsConfiscation Period
Driving leads to death of personBy court2360 days
Driving under influence of alcoholBy court2360 days
Driving leads to a serious accident or injuriesBy court2330 days
Exceeding max speed limit by more than 80 km/h30002360 days
Exceeding max speed limit by more than 60 km/h20001230 days
Exceeding max speed limit by not more than 60 km/h1500615 days
Non-compliance of compulsory route150012
Loading in a way to endanger other or damage the road20006
Entering prohibited zone10004
Leaking or falling load300012
Heavy vehicle does not meet safety standards20006
Attempt to escape from traffic police in heavy vehicle100016
Attempt to escape after minor accident100016
Parking in front of fire nozzles10006
Parking in special needs zone10006
Parking in zone dedicated for taxis5004
Walking at night without lights5004
Walking in fog without lights5004
Walking in fog while violating security instruction5004
Modify vehicle engine or chassis without license10001230 days
Vehicle with invalid tyres50047 days
Vehicles with invalid lighting4006
Vehicles with invalid directional indicators4002
Vehicle with lack of backlight4002
Bypass red light signal in light vehicles10001230 days
Attempt to escape from traffic police in light vehicle8001230 days
Attempt to escape after causing a light vehicle accident50087 days
Load the light vehicle in a dangerous way or overloading5004
Failure to fasten the seat belt while driving by the driver4004
Driving the vehicle in reverse direction60047 days
Not wearing seat belts while driving400
Not leaving enough distance behind the front vehicles4004
Sudden lane changes10004
Turn back dangerously5004
Wrong overtaking6006
Busy on the road while driving the vehicle in any way8004
Not giving preference to emergency vehicles10006
Driving an uninsured vehicle50047 days
Driving an unlicensed vehicle from the Licensing Authority50047 days
Driving a vehicle other than the license granted vehicle40012
Driving a vehicle with an expired license50047 days
List Of Sharjah all Traffic Fines & Black Points
Check Fines Online in UAE all 7 Emirates
Check Fines Online in UAE all 7 Emirates

Benefits of Early Payment

Prompt settlement of traffic fines in Sharjah is rewarded with considerable discounts, motivating motorists to swiftly address fines and enjoy economic advantages.

Early Payment (within 30 days)Up to 50% discount on fines

New Resident Grace Period

Just arrived in Sharjah? You might have a short window (check with authorities) to adjust to traffic rules before fines are enforced, especially regarding vehicle registration transfer.d willingness to settle.

Accessing Fine Information and Payment Options

Sharjah Police and the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (SRTA) provide various platforms, facilitating easy checks and payments of fines.

PlatformFunctionalityAccess Method
Sharjah Police WebsiteCheck and Pay FinesOnline
SRTA WebsitePay FinesOnline
Sharjah Police Mobile AppCheck and Pay FinesMobile App
RTA WebsitePay FinesOnline
EVG (Sharjah eGovernment)Check and Pay FinesOnline

Inquiry Options Explained

A clear understanding of the available inquiry options helps streamline the process of fine checking, allowing for targeted searches according to specific requirements.

Inquiry OptionIdeal ForBenefit
Traffic File NumberManaging multiple vehiclesConsolidates all fines under one file
License PlateSpecific vehicle inquiriesDirectly associates fines with a vehicle
Driving LicenseIndividual driver recordsConnects fines to a driver’s personal record

Visual Verification (CAPTCHA)

A CAPTCHA may be needed to secure access to services, preventing misuse by automated systems.

Resolving Disputes and Payment Flexibility

Motorists can challenge fines and select from a range of payment methods, offering flexibility and options for correction if needed.

FeatureDescriptionAccess Point
Dispute FinesAbility to challenge wrongly issued finesSharjah Police Website
Multiple Payment OptionsOptions for online and in-person paymentsSharjah Police & SRTA Websites, Customer Service Centers

Hefty Fines? Negotiate

For large fines, contact Sharjah Traffic Police directly to explore a payment plan option. Explain your situation and willingness to settle.

Step-by-Step Guide to Check Fines on Sharjah Police Website:

  1. Visit the Sharjah Police Website:
  2. Locate the Traffic Fine Inquiry Section:
    • On the homepage, look for a section or a link labeled something similar to “Traffic Fines” or “Fine Inquiry”. This might be under services or direct links.
  3. Enter Your Inquiry Details:
    • You may need to provide details such as your vehicle license number, traffic file number, or personal identification information. Choose the relevant option that applies to your situation.
  4. Submit Your Inquiry:
    • After entering the required information, proceed to submit your inquiry. If there are any fines associated with the details you provided, they will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Review Fine Details:
    • You can review the details of any fines listed, including the amount, the reason for the fine, and the date it was issued.

Payment Options:

  • If you wish to pay for your fines, follow the instructions provided on the website. Payment methods may include credit or debit cards.
Parking and Overtaking Violations
Parking and Overtaking Violations

Checking and Paying Traffic Fines Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

Step-by-Step Guide to Check Fines with RTA:

  1. Visit the RTA Website:
  2. Navigate to the Fine Inquiry and Payment Section:
    • Look for an option labeled as “Traffic Fine Inquiry” or “Pay Traffic Fines” and select it. This might be part of their online services.
  3. Provide Inquiry Details:
    • You will need to input specific details such as your vehicle license number, plate details, or personal identification numbers.
  4. Submit and Review Fines:
    • After providing the necessary information, submit your inquiry. Any outstanding fines under your details will be shown along with the fine amounts and reasons.

Checking and Paying Traffic Fines via the eGovernment Portal (EVG)

  • Access the eGovernment Portal: Begin by visiting the Sharjah eGovernment website.
  • Navigate to Traffic Fines: Look for the traffic services section, often titled “Traffic Fines Inquiry” or similar.
  • Enter Required Information: Input details such as your vehicle plate number, traffic file number, or personal identification numbers as requested.
  • Submit and View Fines: Submit the inquiry to see any outstanding traffic fines under your record.

This portal is a comprehensive platform for various governmental services, including traffic fine management in Sharjah.

Paying Traffic Fines via Sharjah Municipality Website

  • Access Sharjah Municipality Website: Visit the official website Sharjah Municipality
  • Navigate to the Services Section: Look for “Services” or “e-Services” on the homepage.
  • Select Traffic Fines Payment: Find the option related to traffic fines, such as “Pay Traffic Fine” or “Fine Payment,” and proceed.
  • Enter Fine Details: Provide specific details to retrieve your fine information, like your vehicle license plate number or traffic file number.
  • Review Fine Information: Review the displayed fines for accuracy before proceeding.
  • Proceed to Payment: Select the fines you wish to pay and enter your payment details. A confirmation receipt will be provided upon successful payment.

Paying Traffic Fines via the Ministry of Interior (MOI) Website

  • Visit the MOI Website: The Ministry of Interior’s official site is available at .
  • Select the Traffic Fine Payment Service: Look for a service titled “Traffic Fine Payment” or “e-Services.”
  • Choose the Emirate: Select “Sharjah” as your specific emirate for paying traffic fines.
  • Enter Required Details: Input details like your vehicle’s license plate or traffic file number to locate your fines.
  • Review and Select Fines for Payment: Review the listed fines and choose which ones to settle.
  • Complete the Payment Process: Enter your payment information, and upon completion, you will receive a confirmation message or receipt.

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