Guide to Checking & Paying Ajman Traffic Fines Online 2024

Traffic Fines in Ajman: A 2024 Guide to Discounts and Payments

Understanding Ajman’s Traffic Fines and Discounts

Ajman’s traffic fines system is designed with the dual aim of penalizing violations and encouraging adherence to road safety regulations. The fines are meticulously cataloged, addressing a wide range of violations from speeding to unauthorized parking. However, the introduction of the Ajman traffic fine discount program in 2024 has added a new dimension to this framework.

Discounts on Traffic Fines in Ajman 2024

The Ajman traffic fine discount initiative is a surprising yet strategic move aimed at encouraging prompt payment of fines while fostering a culture of compliance and responsibility among drivers. Discounts are offered to drivers who settle their fines within a specified period, thereby lightening the financial burden and incentivizing early resolution.

Key Points to Remember

  1. List of Ajman Traffic Fines: Understanding the specifics of the fines is crucial. Each fine is associated with a specific violation, and the penalties are structured to reflect the severity of the infraction.

Traffic Violations and Penalties for Light Vehicles in Ajman List

Traffic ViolationFines (AED)Black PointsVehicle Confiscation Duration
Causing death of othersDecided by Court2360 Days
Driving a vehicle without number plates3,0002390 Days
Driving under the influence of alcoholDecided by Court2360 Days
Not stopping after causing a minor accident to a light vehicle that resulted in injuries50087 Days
Running from traffic policeman8001230 Days
Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 60km/h1,500615 Days
Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 60km/h2,0001230 Days
Not abiding by traffic signs and directions500
Reckless driving2,000630 Days
Driving a noisy vehicle2,0001230 Days
Sudden deviation1,0004
Throwing garbage from a vehicle1,0006
Using cell phone while driving5004
Driving in a way that is dangerous to the public2,0001230 Days
Driving against traffic60047 Days
Overtaking from a prohibited place600
Reversing unsafely5004
Driving at night or in foggy weather without headlights on5004
Driving with expired driving licence50047 Days
Driving without vehicle registration renewal400
Failing to give priority to pedestrians in pedestrian crossings5006
Driving without seat belts4004
Driving below the minimum designated speed limit for road if any400
Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 30 km/h600
Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 40 km/h700
Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 20 km/h300
Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 10 km/h400
Penalties for Light Vehicles in Ajman List

Big Vehicles Ajman Traffic Fines in 2024

Traffic ViolationFines (AED)Black PointsVehicle Confiscation Duration
Not stopping after causing a minor accident to a heavy vehicle1,00016
Entering in heavy vehicle prohibited area1,0004
Falling or leaking load3,00012
Not fixing reflective stickers at the back of trucks and heavy vehicles500
Heavy vehicle lane discipline1,50012
Driving a heavy vehicle that does not comply with safety and security conditions2,0006 Days
Big Vehicles Ajman Traffic Fines in 2024
Parking and Overtaking Violations
Parking and Overtaking Violations

Ajman Traffic Fines for Parking Offences

Traffic ViolationFines (AED)Black PointsVehicle Confiscation Duration
Parking near fire hydrants and in places reserved for people with special needs1,0006
Parking in loading and offloading areas without need200
Parking behind vehicles and blocking their movement500
Parking vehicles on pavement400
Violating loading or unloading regulations in parking20047 Days
Parking in prohibited places2002
Traffic Fines for Parking Offences in Ajman

Motorcyclists and Traffic Fines

Motorcyclists are subject to penalties under numerous circumstances for violating traffic rules. While most Ajman traffic fines apply to motorbike riders, specific applicability should be confirmed with Ajman police. Notably, motorcyclists caught without a helmet are fined AED 500 and receive 4 traffic points.

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Actionable Steps: Checking and Paying Your Fines

Navigating the process of checking and paying traffic fines in Ajman has been streamlined thanks to digital platforms. Here are the steps to follow:

How to Check Your Ajman Traffic Fines:

  1. Head Online: Visit the Ministry of Interior’s website.
  2. Select “Traffic Fines Inquiry”: Look for the “Traffic Fines Inquiry” section and click on it.
  3. Enter Your Details: You’ll need your Emirates ID number and vehicle plate number.
  4. Review Your Fines: The system will display a list of your outstanding Ajman traffic fines, including the violation details and amount.

Paying Your Traffic Fines:

Once you’ve checked your fines, you can settle them through various convenient methods:

  • Online: The Ministry of Interior website allows you to pay directly using your debit or credit card.
  • Ajman Police App: Download the Ajman Police app and use it for secure online payments.
  • Sahl Kiosks: These self-service kiosks are located across Ajman and accept cash and card payments.
  • Police Customer Service Centers: Visit any Ajman Police station’s customer service center to pay in person.

How to Pay Fine Online in Ajman

Check in Table where you want to pay online you can Pay traffic fine in ajman on these 4 plateforms online:

Payment MethodDescription
Ministry of Interior websitePay directly using your debit or credit card.
Ajman Police AppDownload the Ajman Police app and use it for secure online payments.
Sahl KiosksSelf-service kiosks located across Ajman, accepting cash and card payments.
Police Customer Service CentersVisit any Ajman Police station’s customer service center to pay fines in person.
Payment Methods for online fine payment ajman
Guide to Checking & Paying Ajman Traffic Fines Online 2024
Guide to Checking & Paying Ajman Traffic Fines Online 2024

Paying Ajman Traffic Fines via Installments

In an effort to alleviate the financial burden of traffic fines, Ajman offers a practical installment payment plan. This scheme allows individuals to distribute the cost of their fines over a 12-month period, making it a manageable part of their budget. Available through collaboration with leading banks in the UAE such as First Abu Dhabi Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Emirates Islamic Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, and Mashreq Bank, this option is accessible to anyone with a credit card issued by these financial institutions.

Eligibility and Procedure

To avail of this installment plan:

  • Ensure you have a credit card from one of the aforementioned banks.
  • Contact your bank to request the installment payment option for your traffic fine.

This method is particularly advantageous for those confronted with substantial fines, providing a financial reprieve and preventing the accrual of additional penalties.

Contesting Traffic Fines in Ajman

There are instances where traffic fines may be disputed on grounds of inaccuracies or misunderstandings. Ajman offers a structured process for contesting such fines, ensuring fairness and transparency.

Steps to Contest a Fine

  1. Verify Fine Details: Obtain all relevant information regarding the fine, including the date, location, and nature of the alleged violation, either from the ticket or Ajman Police’s online portal.
  2. Gather Evidence: Compile any evidence that could substantiate your claim, such as photos, witness accounts, or pertinent documents.
  3. Appeal Submission: Lodge your appeal with the Ajman Police Traffic and Licensing Services Department, either through their online platform or in person.
  4. Hearing Attendance: Participate in the scheduled hearing, presenting your case and evidence.
  5. Await Decision: The department will review your appeal and render a decision, which could lead to the fine being waived, reduced, or reclassified.

It’s crucial to understand that this process may vary based on specific violation circumstances and departmental policies.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When dealing with traffic fines, certain oversights can complicate the situation further. Here are key errors to steer clear of:

  • Ignoring Fines: Neglecting fines can lead to increased penalties and potential license suspension.
  • Delaying Payment: Ajman allows a grace period of 30 days for fine payment; exceeding this period can result in additional charges.
  • Inaccurate Information: Ensure all personal and offense-related details are correctly entered to avoid delays and extra fees.
  • Overlooking Errors: Review fine details thoroughly for any discrepancies and report them immediately.
  • Neglecting Legal Advice: In cases of uncertainty or perceived wrongful charging, consulting with a legal expert can provide clarity and safeguard your rights.

Ajman Traffic Fine Discounts (Keep an Eye Out!):

Ajman authorities occasionally offer discounts on traffic fines. These discounts can be significant, sometimes reaching up to 50%! While there aren’t any current promotions as of April 2, 2024, here’s how to stay informed for future opportunities:

  • Follow Ajman Police on Social Media: Check their official pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for announcements.
  • Ajman Government Website: Keep an eye on the official Ajman government website for news and updates.

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